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No stubby little digit is safe. -z Om nom nom…

No stubby little digit is safe. -z

Om nom nom by Alephunky

Sarcophagus by Zsofia Dankova  

Sarcophagus by Zsofia


Excerpt from Book Two, Blood Magik: The Reigning Dead–

The valiant convoy of zombie Priests and their diehard, human affiliates coasted south along the desolate 405 freeway for what felt like hours with Marty leading the pack, him never once wavering in the quest to recover his sister. Wet blood from the demon mists moistened his dead-eyes and accumulated like tears at their corners; the wind blowing by his face pushed droplets across his temples resembling ritual markings drawn before a battle. The Coach’s Chevy War-Machine and his trailer of undead in-tow followed steadily behind, with Terry (who’d regained the driver’s seat) and his dead-infested surf-racks keeping a close pace. They were about a mile out when the bombs dropped and the hell-wall took to the skies. The flames barreled across the freeway in front of them, cutting them off from their destination and generally shocking the shit out of those who were still capable of surprise.


Getting my edit on, cleaning up the manuscript and trying to get this novel I wrote nearly 6 years ago up to par with what I write today. It ain’t easy… I seriously had no idea what I was doing, but I’m getting her done. Visit to get a signed copy of the first book, A Cold Day in Hell or download the ebook for free on Follow my journey as a writer and experience the power of Learning by Sucking Ass Until You Get It That Shit Right 🤘😎🤘 -z/cm


Badass 😎💀🤘art by @dankobasicarts on insta


12×36 oil/canvas 💀

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Rotten Flesh by Bartlomiej Gawel

Rotten Flesh by Bartlomiej


“I love the smell of a coward’s insides in the morning!” Cayman, the second largest Hound in the New Hell, had his bulky forearm tight around a soldier’s neck. Reaching over his chest, he punched through the man’s stomach to finger at his spilling bowels like digging through a cooler for a cold beverage. “Smells like eggs and demise!” He took a bite out of his handful while rapid gunfire and chaos reigned around him.


Trying to get a little editing done whil in the Urgent Care waiting room. Pinched an all-too-familiar nerve in my trap this morning and can barely fucking move 😬😬😬 Hopefully it clears up before the San Diego comic fest next week. 🤞

Black October by Chris Chan

Black October by Chris


Creepy piece of work 😬 #Repost #art by -> @dazarkos on insta

He must’ve been vegan in his former life. art …

He must’ve been vegan in his former life. 

art by cybernosferatu on insta