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The Walking Duck from @cybernosferatu on insta 😎🧟‍♂️🦆

Wicked piece of work from @anthonyrondinone on insta

Those dead eyes 👀

Wicked 3D speed-sculpt from he77ga on 💀🤘

Wicked piece from filatov_if on insta

This is some fantastic stuff from @beeragon on insta 🤘😁🤘 Love it.

Chatty Corpse by BenWootten

Fun new #zombieart from #FrancescoMattina for DC’s #Dceased 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♀️




Pathfinder 2nd Edition is out now! Go check it out.

And the Monster Movie edition of my #zombie #hockey #darkfantasy #novel is officially on my website, kids. Updated for smoother overall #reading with some added jokes and extra vivid imagery. The first edition still needed some work, but this one’s a lot closer to being up to par with my #writing today. Oh, and there’s STILL a goddamn typo in this fucker (likely more than one) on the first fricken page… So I’ll be correcting that after this first batch is gone making this error batch limited to less than 100 copies. Get yours and…GET BIT!!!

The #horror #movieposters layout for my booth this weekend at #midsummerscream. It’ll be 1 for $7, 2 for $12, or 3 for $15 for the regular posters, $12 each for the laminated ones. Come check out what I got at booth 1149 all weekend long, ya sickly lunatics. Buy posters, DVDs, #comicbooks, and of course, my #horrornovels 🤘💀🤘 Look for the Blood Magik banner to find me. And if you haven’t got your tickets yet, use the discount code BLOODMAGIK20 to get 20% off online 😎