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A freakishly odd story writhing in alien-bug-creature metaphor describing a writer’s dedication to his craft that only costs him his sanity. Bizarro fiction disguised as a drug trip, wrapped in an inner struggle with pansexuality (before that was a thing). I think I liked this movie a lot, but it’s so twisted in metaphor it’s hard to really know what it means. It’s not horror, but darkly twisted and #strange. Cool #vintage #creature #sfx and sort of a noir vibe. Very my-kinda-weird. Abstract art of a sort. Check it out if you like #oldschool flicks and refreshingly whacky storytelling. 7/10

Chapter 12: Mystery Man (an excerpt) –

I see his eyes before I see
his teeth. I see his horns before I see his pointy jaw and sharp shoulders. I
see the burning tip of his tail before I see the slicing-black of his claws,
then the coarse rash of his demon skin wrapped around the bones of his fingers,
scaling up his wiry musculature to meet a vile snigger as diabolical a thing as
I’ve ever seen.

This creature adorns the
shadows behind my family like a second skin – then the fire dies at the cry of
the wind, scattering its kindling in a frantic hurricane that circles the
enclosure once before shooting from its top and taking its light with it…

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Erebus by –> dloliver

Images I came across while searching for one to add to my newest chapter of The Journals of a Vampire Scribe on wattpad. Creep on over and check the story out here –> Corwyn Matthew <– It’s a comical dark fantasy adventure with a bit of a “teen” feel to it, but not at all written in a Young Adult format. Goofy and fun, tho. Give it a glimpse and let me know what you think. -z

Pandora’s Thirst by Mahafsoun –  Ghuleh by Mahafsoun –  Pandora’s Thirstby Mahafsoun

Ok…I have no idea why it shrunk as I pasted it or how to change it. lol I suck. 

“Jimmy, close the door. No more stops.” Jimmy shut the door and Tara straightened
out in her seat. “We go to Alex’s. We wait there ’til she shows up or ’til
morning – whichever comes first. Then we all find a way out of this fucking city.”

God himself couldn’t have been
more absolute in his decree. It was becoming more and more apparent that Los
Angeles, California was the last place on Earth anyone should be right now. A
simple drive across town to a friend’s house was turning out to be a moonstruck
detour through insanity and dementia. The longer they spent drifting through
the blood-mists of this New Hell, the more they could see what was really out

Spirits of dead victims trapped in
stores, offices and cars, unable to escape the horrors of their repeating
fates, beating on panes of glass like padded walls in an asylum – it was death
that haunted them, not the other way
around. The alleys were so black it felt like their souls were in danger of being
consumed by the void as they passed – and they were. A deep groaning hummed above from slithering leviathans
infecting the sky, blocking out Heaven’s view of the foul disease of evil
spreading below. There were eyes in every reflection, every shadow, every crack
they passed, watching them drive deeper into the city. Every stoplight was
blinking red. Every streetlight would flicker as they drove under, threatening
to leave them blanketed in dark. Every wall perspired with crimson droplets leaving
a metallic stink waiting to taint their lungs. And their every breath was a
reminder of the surrounding death they had to maneuver through to find their

Excerpt from Chapter twenty of Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell by Corwyn Matthew

art: Lo! the Red Sky is coming! by iacocca on \m/ -z

1294 words tap-tap-tapped into my goofy vamp comedy novel this morning, topping of chapter 9 with a fun little cab ride twist. I’ll probably upload chapter seven Wednesday-ish for those rioting hordes of you out there looking forward to new my material. lol… Stay tuned =P –> The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <– -z/cm

(The image was one I came across when looking for pics to use for the story. Haven’t used this one yet, tho. ) livewithoutregret

Looking through some favs from Manzanedo on today for an image to head Chapter 6 of my vampire/fantasy/comedy story on Wattpad –> The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <– Click the link to checkout the story. \m/ -z/cm

Images I came across while searching for one to headline my newest chapter to The Journals of a Vampire Scribe on Wattpad. See which one I went with and follow the story as I write it here –> Corwyn Matthew

art credits :

Blood And Wine Embraced by euronymous

Bloody lips by Matysia

Trophy by Mina-Ficent 

brushed the dust away by sweetvein

Back at it, kids! Got started on Chapter 51 today,which is in Book 3. I mentioned before that I’m going with “running chapters,” so Book Two starts with Chapter 23, and Book Three with 38.5. The mayhem is real, people. The world I originally envisioned for my story is getting closer and closer; that apocalyptic Hell world where all manner of dark things freely roam the Earth, from creatures to demons to spirits and more.

Get in on Book One here –> <– Book two will hopefully be available in/around October 2019. And I’m trying to get the new edition of Book One out as soon as I can, at which point the original, limited-to-500, Pure Art edition will go up to full price so grab it while it’s still cheap. (You’re gonna regret not getting it if I ever become famous, dudes.=P ) \m/ -z/cm 

Some images I’ve found to help describe the first three chaps of my vampire fantasy/comedy.I just topped off chapter 7 today, my dudes. I have 4 parts uploaded to Wattpad now. Get in on it –>  The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <-

That second image inspired the character in the story a lot. I had already created her, and was looking for an image to use to describe her, then I came across this one and the heterochromia (2 different eyes) really nailed it for me. It was perfect for my character and what she is so I updated the story to match.

The third is art from one of my all-time favs, Elena Sai, and I’m sure I already had it in my archives but just happened across it again and was like, “Yes. That’s perfect.” I had already written the scene with her cataract eyes so didn’t have to change a thing. It just fit right in like it always belonged. -z/cm