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Chapter 12: Mystery Man (an excerpt) –

I see his eyes before I see
his teeth. I see his horns before I see his pointy jaw and sharp shoulders. I
see the burning tip of his tail before I see the slicing-black of his claws,
then the coarse rash of his demon skin wrapped around the bones of his fingers,
scaling up his wiry musculature to meet a vile snigger as diabolical a thing as
I’ve ever seen.

This creature adorns the
shadows behind my family like a second skin – then the fire dies at the cry of
the wind, scattering its kindling in a frantic hurricane that circles the
enclosure once before shooting from its top and taking its light with it…

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Erebus by –> dloliver

Images I came across while searching for one to add to my newest chapter of The Journals of a Vampire Scribe on wattpad. Creep on over and check the story out here –> Corwyn Matthew <– It’s a comical dark fantasy adventure with a bit of a “teen” feel to it, but not at all written in a Young Adult format. Goofy and fun, tho. Give it a glimpse and let me know what you think. -z

Pandora’s Thirst by Mahafsoun –  Ghuleh by Mahafsoun –  Pandora’s Thirstby Mahafsoun

Ok…I have no idea why it shrunk as I pasted it or how to change it. lol I suck. 

1294 words tap-tap-tapped into my goofy vamp comedy novel this morning, topping of chapter 9 with a fun little cab ride twist. I’ll probably upload chapter seven Wednesday-ish for those rioting hordes of you out there looking forward to new my material. lol… Stay tuned =P –> The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <– -z/cm

(The image was one I came across when looking for pics to use for the story. Haven’t used this one yet, tho. ) livewithoutregret

Looking through some favs from Manzanedo on today for an image to head Chapter 6 of my vampire/fantasy/comedy story on Wattpad –> The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <– Click the link to checkout the story. \m/ -z/cm

Images I came across while searching for one to headline my newest chapter to The Journals of a Vampire Scribe on Wattpad. See which one I went with and follow the story as I write it here –> Corwyn Matthew

art credits :

Blood And Wine Embraced by euronymous

Bloody lips by Matysia

Trophy by Mina-Ficent 

brushed the dust away by sweetvein

Seeing a theme here? *thinking-face emoji* I was searching for an image to describe the back story revealed in Chapter 4:Family Secrets of my vampire comedy/fantasy on wattpad. Checkout the story and what image I settled on here –> Corwyn Matthew. \m/

Some images I’ve found to help describe the first three chaps of my vampire fantasy/comedy.I just topped off chapter 7 today, my dudes. I have 4 parts uploaded to Wattpad now. Get in on it –>  The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <-

That second image inspired the character in the story a lot. I had already created her, and was looking for an image to use to describe her, then I came across this one and the heterochromia (2 different eyes) really nailed it for me. It was perfect for my character and what she is so I updated the story to match.

The third is art from one of my all-time favs, Elena Sai, and I’m sure I already had it in my archives but just happened across it again and was like, “Yes. That’s perfect.” I had already written the scene with her cataract eyes so didn’t have to change a thing. It just fit right in like it always belonged. -z/cm


Just uploaded Chapter 3 of my vampire comedy fantasy tale to Wattpad. Check it out –>  

The Journals of a Vampire scribe



06 by BlackMalcerta (I added the horns to better fit the character in my story.) -cm

Tacked another 1435 words onto this one this morning, my dudes. I’m on chapter 7, so if you’ve hoped on board, you’re not too far behind me. Anyone get a chance to read it yet? It’s my first full-length, first person story so let me know your thoughts. Gracias. -z

A collection of the images I’ve used (so far) to tell the story of Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell on –> Wattpad.

So here’s the skinny:

Currently my ass is giving the novel an upgrade, chapter by chapter, to bring the beastly bitch up to my standards as the writer I am today. I wasn’t comfortable with, say, releasing the book nationally in the state I’d first published it in. It was loads better than how it was originally but, after two years of editing the bastard, I came to a point where I was burnt out and just said, “fuck it, close enough.” But now, about a year later, not only am I a better writer, but I’ve put enough distance between me and it to come back refreshed and with a creative vengeance.

The point?

I’m gonna put out a new edition in (or around) August. It’’ll be a Print On Demand book (through Amazon) but will be a unique, artistic, Second Printing. More on that later. For now I just wanted to throw the heads up out there because when I put that book out, the original will go up to full price and, even tho it will be shitty in comparison to the new edition, it’ll be even more of a collectible than it already is (being a Pure Art edition and limited to 500), Especially for those looking to be writers themselves, or who are writers and are looking to learn from others mistakes/experiences. (You could read the original, for example, and any time you come across an awkward or mediocre sentence, look to the new edition to see the changes made. There are a lot of them o.o). The full price of the collectible edition is $24 but is on sale now for $15 on

So get yours now while the gettin is nice and gooey, my dudes (idk…), because the New Edition is in the making. \m/ -z/cm

(oh, and that second-to-last image is a sneak-peek of the art for Book Two: The Reigning Dead. Not the background, but the character. I cut her out of the cover and pasted it on that image because there’s a scene in the last part of that chapter that it resembles. The full cover is fucking gorgeous shit from my man, Lucio Parrillo.)


1228 words this morning, written into my goofy vampire comedy/adventure. That’s some pretty solid work for me, my dudes. A lot of writers can do three, four times that per sesh, easy, but not I, my friends. I take too much damn time on the words themselves. It’s part of what I like about writing: the art of the craft. Usually I don’t get much over 800 in at a time before I gotta take a step back and organize the next scene in my head. But it’s a very “soft” organization; no heavy outlines or specifics, just vague ideas and directions. I’m more of a “by the seat of my pants” kind of author which I always thought was a disadvantage, but recently have realized it’s a strength. When you go into writing with everything planned out, yeah, you get more done, but your writing is more predictable because you’re artificially pushing your characters and plot in an already decided direction. Whereas with me, even I don’t know what these dudes are gonna do next. It makes for some very spontaneous twists and turns, and for a lot of fun writing, as well as reading.

But, anyway, I cooked up this image above in photoshop for fun. It sorta depicts the dream my main dude has that opens the story and sets the stage for the underlying mystery of the plot. I uploaded the prologue and the first chap to my newly christened Wattpad account (that I really need to put more work into to get anyone to notice it…) so if you’re a user, or are just curious about the story, look up corwynmatthew on it (download the app first if you don’t have it already, or just click the ^ link ^ and go to the website) and let me know what you think. Indulge in the awkwardness of a chubby, pacifist vamp who really  has no idea what his life choices will soon be getting him into. \m/ -z/cm