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I paid for a t-shirt design on so I…

I paid for a t-shirt design on so I’d have a shirt to rock at cons and the dude sent me back some utter crap. I went ahead and did this one myself (added the border, posterized the image to give it that water color  look in the background, added the red stress marks around the edges and some more blood speckles throughout). Whadda ya think? o.0

I got my first ever booth at a con in Yuma on Oct 6th, bitches! \m/ \m/ It’s a little one (convention), which is good, because I have no idea how well I’ll do. I got migraine issues and dizziness that comes with it (which sparks anxiety…) so I’m not very sociable for any longer than an hour. But I got fam in Yuma who are gonna help me out and take over the booth if I have to escape for a few hours, so we’ll see. Any ‘Zoners amongst you? (That’s peeps from AZ, for the laymen.) Let me know if you’re gonna be there. If you’re a follower and are there I’ll give you a free copy of the book. I’ll also be pushing a select few boxes of comics (since it’s a comic con) and maybe some action figures. I’ll be saving most of the horror stuff for horror cons, tho (assuming I’ll survive this one and want to do more). And, as always, slip on over to to get your copy if you can’t make the con. Look for the exclusive Pure Art edition that’s limited to 500 copies. Support indie horror scribes and fellow tumblr horndogs!

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The Pure Art limited edition of my #zombie #fa…

The Pure Art limited edition of my #zombie #fantasy #novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell now available on! A contemporary #horror fantasy that takes the zombie mythos for a joyride through unconventional. These dead talk. They laugh. They pillage. They…save your meaty ass from becoming chow? Indeed, not all undead are out to eat you in this mashup of sports and fantasy. When undead jocks may be your only hope of making it out of LA alive, there’s a damn fair chance you’re utterly fucked. Use codeword GoPriestsGo to get the #ebook at a price of your choosing, and grab a signed copy of the 6×9 paperback while you still can. -z

Dead Life #1 Cover B Variant Joan Urgell Cov…

Dead Life #1 Cover B Variant Joan Urgell Cover

Threw these images together for fun. Probably …

Threw these images together for fun. Probably overkill since I plan on (lightly) bashing the book, but what the hell. 

Star Wars death Troopers; A Book Review:

 Ok, so, to be fair, I fell for the concept and the cover art and bought the damn thing before I took a look inside at the writing. I really try not to do that since I’m so damn picky about prose. This being the case, I’ll chalk this one up to a “my bad” and not dig too deep into the writing itself. I will say that it wasn’t bad; it just didn’t do anything for me.

BUT…before I let Mr. Schrieber slide, I gotta just say… Star Wars stories without the Jedi are like going to a stake house and only getting to eat coleslaw and potatoes. Sure the sides are great; nice and thick and seasoned well with that classic scifi sauce we grew up loving, but, dude…WERE’S THE MEAT?!?! You get the opportunity to write a Star Wars zombie story and you don’t think to have walking corpses cut to ribbons by light sabers? I mean, I figured that much was a given. Personally I would’ve had zombie Jedi AND Sith raining hell across the plot together as a goal and worked my way to it and through it, buuuuut not even a single sniff of the Force was present. I suppose it’s possible that he (the writer) had his hands tied by the folks who held the rights, and, in that case: I feel your pain, bruh. But in any other case it’s just a severe lack of imagination to tell this story as is. And, for a zombie horror tale, there wasn’t much horror – more suspense. I prefer the actual gore to running away from the possibility of it, but that’s just me. I’ll give it a couple of stars for the touch of gore it did have and for at least having Han Solo show up to add a some familiarity, but the rest of the characters didn’t speak to me at all; not a single one. I reeeeally wanted to like this novel… I even continue to read the whole thing despite not liking the prose. But…here we are. I will say, though, that if you’re an average reader and fanboy or girl, you’ll probably love it. I’m just not that guy.

Star Wars death Trooper sculpture by @benfranklinzombies on insta and the spacey background was from Joran-Belar

“A deep groaning hummed above from slithering …

“A deep groaning hummed above from slithering leviathans infecting the sky, blocking out Heaven’s view of the foul disease of evil spreding below. There were eyes in every reflection, every shadow, every crack they passed, watching them drive deeper into the city. Every stop light was blinking red. Every street light would flicker as they drove under, threatening to leave them blanketed in dark. Every wall perspired with crimson droplets leaving a metallic stink waiting to taint their lungs. And their every breath was a reminder of the surrounding death they had to maneuver through to find their friends.” – excerpt from Chapter 20.

Use codeword GoPriestsGo on to download the ebook for a price of your choosing! -z

Let’s meat in the woods.. by ted1air

Let’s meat in the woods.. by ted1air

I’m in! =D 

FANGORIA Walking Dead cover by Nick-Percival

FANGORIA Walking Dead cover by Nick-Percival

Ghoulish stuff from –> SickJoe

Ghoulish stuff from –> SickJoe

The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on …

The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on over to and type in code word GoPriestsGo on the ebook page (a play off the cheer for my LA Kings who are part of the inspiration for one of the undead squads in the novel) and score yourself this zombie/fantasy world for WHATEVER PRICE YOU CHOOSE! It could be five bucks or one or a penny! Dig in and treat yourself to some contemporary literature that should never be allowed to hit the shelves! There’s a limited number of uses for this code so don’t wait too long. Get your next-to-free digital copy and indulge in a world where zombies are more than just dawdling husks of flesh but are maniacal villains, and, also, somewhat hilarious… (so I’ve been told)  There’s never been a book quite like this one, my friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. COME GET BIT!! And when you decide you love it, hurry back for the collectible Pure Art edition while it’s still ON SALE! To read the prologue, click here. -z  And please reblog! Zanks!