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This is some fantastic stuff from @beeragon on insta 🤘😁🤘 Love it.

Working on the set up for the upcoming horror con I’m doing and La Mirada at the hollowing club in LA. Here’s a peek at some of the posters I printed up. Look for them at Spook Show 7 or on my website (eventually…heh.) or message me with inquiries 🤘💀🤘

Ok, so, I just watched this one last night… I’m a little confused. Not by the movie. The movie was actually really badass. It has this old school Italian Horror Movie vibe to it; creepy and engaging. Very low-budget production, but once you get passed that it draws you in and ends up being a really cool story. Why I’m confused is because everything I’ve seen online about it says it was done in 2007 but totally looks and feels like an 80′s movie. It’s even in “full screen…” The back of the DVD says “10th Anniversary” so that must be for the movie, but was it called something else originally? I’m trying to find the original movie poster to see if it’s something I want to print up for cons (which I got a handful of now that I just made. I might start putting some on my website… Not sure yet, tho.)

Anyway, I suck at research. Does anyone know anymore about this one? Like, if it was released under a different title?

This photo, tho… Am I write? Heh. Puns are the best. Seriously, tho. Decrepit walls; a decaying stairwell; shadows so thick their darkness is cold to the touch…and the incessant, frantic pecking of keys telling a story so vile the words yellow and stiffen the pages to brittle, scratchy sheets that smell of ink and age. They lie scattered over the rotting wooden casket of the floor below, blanketing the dead under it with a sick telling of their demise; a story told through the eyes of the sadistic villain who buried them there. -Clack- clackclack-clack -clackclack- clackclack… -z

Gnarly stuff from vasiliszikosart on insta

Some wicked vinyl pieces from waxworkrecords on insta. Noice 😎

Love these from @rodolfoloaiza

Priceless 😁

A collection of classics from this guy –>  Hartman by sideshowmonkey

creepy shit. 0.0 

02 by BlackMalcerta