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Noice 😎


Vampirella vs Reanimator #3 Cover D Variant …

Vampirella vs Reanimator #3 Cover D Variant Cosplay Photo Cover

1228 words…


1228 words this morning, written into my goofy vampire comedy/adventure. That’s some pretty solid work for me, my dudes. A lot of writers can do three, four times that per sesh, easy, but not I, my friends. I take too much damn time on the words themselves. It’s part of what I like about writing: the art of the craft. Usually I don’t get much over 800 in at a time before I gotta take a step back and organize the next scene in my head. But it’s a very “soft” organization; no heavy outlines or specifics, just vague ideas and directions. I’m more of a “by the seat of my pants” kind of author which I always thought was a disadvantage, but recently have realized it’s a strength. When you go into writing with everything planned out, yeah, you get more done, but your writing is more predictable because you’re artificially pushing your characters and plot in an already decided direction. Whereas with me, even I don’t know what these dudes are gonna do next. It makes for some very spontaneous twists and turns, and for a lot of fun writing, as well as reading.

But, anyway, I cooked up this image above in photoshop for fun. It sorta depicts the dream my main dude has that opens the story and sets the stage for the underlying mystery of the plot. I uploaded the prologue and the first chap to my newly christened Wattpad account (that I really need to put more work into to get anyone to notice it…) so if you’re a user, or are just curious about the story, look up corwynmatthew on it (download the app first if you don’t have it already, or just click the ^ link ^ and go to the website) and let me know what you think. Indulge in the awkwardness of a chubby, pacifist vamp who really  has no idea what his life choices will soon be getting him into. \m/ -z/cm 

Put this image together and uploaded the Proem…

Put this image together and uploaded the Proem (prologue) and first chap of my experimental vampire comedy on Wattpad. Look up corwynmatthew to check it out and let me know what you think. And here’s a sniff of what I wrote yesterday, throwing down a sold 861 words to top off chapter 4 \m/


“What…do I do with this?”

“It’s a bag, genius. You open it.”

Somehow I feel like this is
a setup. Like if-and-when I opened the damn thing some illusion of a giant spider or demon-red
snake is going to leap from its contents, alien-baby-face-hug me, and send me
spiraling into the role of The Vamp Who Shit His Own Heart Through His Ass in Terror…

When I don’t move to
further the plot, she rolls her eyes with a
sigh, grabs the bag from my hands and unzips it for me. I’m pretty sure I
didn’t cringe… At least not outwardly. But either way I feel like a sissy when
she hands it back and nothing repulsive slithers out.

“Look,” she says, having to
walk me through the
motions of manning-up.

“For what?”

I decide it’s probably safe to do as she asks and start in on it,
sifting through a fairly ordinary, early-twenty-something’s things.


Get in on the adventure now and follow my freshly created Wattpad account to get notified when I upload new parts. -z/cm



I really appreciate that the Netflix Castlevania adaptation looked at the fact that Dracula’s sprite is so much larger than Trevor’s, and where they could have acknowledged it as the result of technical limitations of the NES console, instead they said “no, Dracula is actually just eight feet tall”.

elfslavewatdo: Vampire Elves Request (lemme kn…


Vampire Elves Request (lemme know if you want more, I tried to get the feel of one at varying ‘vampire’ ages)

[Artists: Derek Herring | ~FirstKeeper | 林勃 }

Blood Seekers – book illustration by Max Kosti…

Blood Seekers – book
illustration by Max

1094 words added into my vampire-comedy-advent…

1094 words added into my vampire-comedy-adventure story today, topping off Chapter 3 with a scene that opens up this supernatural world I’m building for nearly limitless possibilities. The main characters have been introduced and a new question asked: Why him?

Can’t say much, unfortunately, without giving something away. I just wrote and erased about four sentences in this update realizing, “nope…can’t give them that…” But what I can say is that I caught myself doing exactly what I know damn well not to.

One of my cardinal rules in writing is to not write down the first thing that comes to mind. Why? Because it’s the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind. And it’s probably the first thing because, at some point, you’ve read or heard or seen it before. I caught myself falling into the typical drama that befalls most characters in nearly every story when the truth of the world is revealed to them. Usually they’re in denial of it, or want no part of it, and reject it under the guise of “I’m not risking my well-being” only to “miraculously” have their mind changed by realizing something that connects their past to this moment or whatever. It’s done so often and comes so naturally that I almost didn’t realize I was doing it. But being as “anti-drama” as I am, I got to the point, after a paragraph or so, when I realized I that, for some reason, I didn’t like what I was writing. Then it hit me: It’s the same shit every fucking writer scripts into every fucking story, TV series or movie.

Abort! Abort! Abandon all forward progress! Run, for the sake of your originality, for fuck’s sake! Reject the disease of the Norms and strike that bullshit drama from the tale!

Erased that fucking paragraph immediately and, as I so often do, flipped a bitch and started writing in the exact opposite direction.

NEVER. Ever, ever, EVER. Write the first thing that comes to your mind. It’s always something that’s been done to death. -z/cm

Merry Christmas by Vladimir Matyukhin

Merry Christmas by Vladimir

Demonic creature by Antonio J. Manzanedo

Demonic creature by Antonio
J. Manzanedo