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…pecked into my goofy vampire tale tonight. Was working on a query letter earlier so didn’t get much of the fun stuff in. I’m gonna start shopping around for a literary agent to peddle my completed works for me. This self-publishing jazz is for people who are more into getting out and “doing it”. I’m way to lazy and antisocial for all that shit. I do my best work when hidden between four walls, unmolested by the ranks of society. My demeanor was not cutout for mingling amongst the mortals, doing the “song and dance”.  

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Ok, so, I’m kinda all over the place, right now. I started this goofy, first person vampire story as an experiment to see if I could come up with a prose in first person that I like and, well… Now I got the beginning of a new series on my hands… I don’t really like reading first person. It’s usually too simply written and not artistic enough to hold my attention. And I’m finding myself writing a little more simply than I’d prefer, but the goofiness of it is entertaining and could turn into a “preternatural” good time.

That’s my word of the night: Preternatural. I didn’t want to call them “supes” like so many others do (since there’s more than just vampires in the story. So far I’ve also got ghouls, skin walkers, a werecat police squad, and shuffling undead.) so settled on “prets” for the political term (“creeps” for the derogatory) and “ordies” for the ordinary people. Anyway, this is kind of my “shit” story; the one I go to to write when I need more time to decide on the others. Eventually, I’m sure I’ll take it more seriously. But for now it’s just a box to dump my spare time in. 

Vampire by Maxim Bazhenov

Vampire by Maxim

When it’s good to be the immortal, sou…

When it’s good to be the immortal, soul-sucking mistress of Death.

The beginning of a new era ! by Koni-art

La Mordaza by vampirekingdom

La Mordaza by vampirekingdom

Despertares by vampirekingdom

Despertares by vampirekingdom

La Abadia by vampirekingdom

La Abadia by vampirekingdom

16718 by Elena Sai

16718 by Elena

Vampire Portrait by –>  fantasio …

Vampire Portrait by –> 


Weres and Vamps from –>  Manzanedo…

Weres and Vamps from –>