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Maybe it’s my inner Abhorash speaking, but “vampire knights” is one of the greatest aesthetics. I need to rewatch the Underworld franchise.


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These Cute Vampurrs Want To Wish You A Happy Halloween

“And we also want to suck your blood!”

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vampire headcanons?

I’ve made a post about this before on my blog AGES ago BUT I’ll just copy/paste it here. If vampires were gonna drink anything /besides/ blood AND survive it would be whole milk. I’m a science major. Hear me out. 

Unless your vampires have to drink blood because of a supernatural curse or something, they’re more than likely biological vampires (viral, genetic, etc), right?

Milk has the same basic components as blood does:
proteins, immunofactors, fats, sugars, vitamins, minerals, etc. so a vampire could potentially live off of milk, or at least be able to supplement/curb human blood feedings with milk. 

Blood transports these nutrients PLUS gases (O2 and CO2), and I’m assuming your vampire doesn’t NEED the Gas Transport function of blood. Milk more or less does the same thing (sans Gas Transport) I.E. transporting nutrients from mother to offspring because the offspring still can’t eat solid foods and drink from a cup, now can they. I’ll include Blood Nutrients and Milk Nutrient Facts below.

The only way I could see having a biological vampire and them needing blood (and blood only) is if it’s the kind of vampire that needs their old blood replaced by fresh blood to keep their organs working, but then the whole “drinking” blood doesn’t make sense, and they’d need a blood transfusion method of some kind.

Number stuff: 

blood components:
-water ~92%
-other solutes (ions, gases, nutrients, etc) ~2%
-proteins ~7%
-fats (blood can contain 200-240 mg/dl blood cholesterol. This depends on age, diet, and how recently the human has eaten)

Milk components:
-water ~85%
-proteins ~3.3%
-fat ~4.1%
-0.7% minerals

so as a vampire you may be missing out on some proteins and a bit of water, but you could make it up with a larger consumption of milk and/or supplementation of blood drinking. Cow milk is Diet Blood™

Milk: good for skeletons AND vampires!

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