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Manananggal by Brian Valeza

Manananggal by Brian


1298 words pecked into my first-person Vampire comedy this morning. That’s some pretty solid maneuvering for me; about twice what I typically write at a time. This one is about this young, goofball vampire (early twenties) whose basically chick repellent – before and after death – and suddenly finds himself in the midst of a beautiful, charismatic, human blond around his age and can’t for the life of him figure out why she’s paying him any mind. There’s a catch, of course. And one bigger than he even thought possible, as he just found out today. This world I’ve built for the story is one filled with “prets” (perternatural creatures) who have recently come out of hiding and have been given free reign by the state laws of Washington, basically making the whole state a monster-roaming habitat. Things are starting to get a little out of hand on the streets of Spokane, but what lies ahead makes the debauchery now look like a kegger compared to the festival of gore ahead. Keep your eyes out for more insight into this wacky new story. And feel free to ask questions if you’re interested. Also, checkout for my current published work and new ones soon to come. \m/ -z 

O by dr4gon 5oul

O by dr4gon

Lizzy by Melanie Delon

Lizzy by Melanie

Vampires by Jodie Muir

Vampires by Jodie

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@katy-l-wood deer be like that.

Wasn’t there that one documented instance of deer eating baby birds when the full moon came? Unless I’m thinking of horses.

Legend of Ace – Bloody Baron_Mogura by XiaoGua…

Legend of Ace – Bloody Baron_Mogura
by XiaoGuang

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The greatest DLC I didn’t know I needed.

the most banging sea-shanty ever developed by man

Inching toward inspiration,

…1253 words were plugged into a new Chap of my (first person) dorky vampire comedy today. A decent start to a day where I wake up with a fucking headache and wooziness (and I here I am, still sober after 12 years, waking up nearly every day feeling hungover… *sigh* Fucking migraines…) I say “inching toward inspiration” because the scene I’m working towards was inspired by a work of art I found (or posted) on Tumblr about a month back. That’s one thing I love about starting my day off with art: the inspiration it lends my imagination. And I realized last night while brainstorming on how to go about putting together that short horror story (turned novella) I’m working on, that I could look to previous writings I did on here that were inspired by art for scenes in the story. Gud chit. \m/ The one that came to mind I’ll repost before this so you can find it below it on your feeds and follow what I mean. Observe–