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a-40k-author:The greatest DLC I didn’t know I …


The greatest DLC I didn’t know I needed.

the most banging sea-shanty ever developed by man

Inching toward inspiration,

…1253 words were plugged into a new Chap of my (first person) dorky vampire comedy today. A decent start to a day where I wake up with a fucking headache and wooziness (and I here I am, still sober after 12 years, waking up nearly every day feeling hungover… *sigh* Fucking migraines…) I say “inching toward inspiration” because the scene I’m working towards was inspired by a work of art I found (or posted) on Tumblr about a month back. That’s one thing I love about starting my day off with art: the inspiration it lends my imagination. And I realized last night while brainstorming on how to go about putting together that short horror story (turned novella) I’m working on, that I could look to previous writings I did on here that were inspired by art for scenes in the story. Gud chit. \m/ The one that came to mind I’ll repost before this so you can find it below it on your feeds and follow what I mean. Observe–

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Bats illuminated by lightning




Lucio! (That’s how I always begin our emails. For some reason I feel the need to “shout out” his name in text when addressing him.) My man Lucio Parrillo murders another assignment with this ridiculously badass piece of work on Vampirella Deja Thoris #1. Same guy I commissioned to do the cover for my first 2 Blood Magik novels. Check out the exclusive work he did for me that turned my zombie fantasy 6×9 paperback into a horror collectible on and get your limited Pure Art edition while you still can. I’m doing my first Con next month in Yuma so be sure to get a copy of this first edition before they’re gone. 🤘😎🤘 -z/cm

Magicka by Saidge42

Magicka by Saidge42

vampire hime by 余 青穎

vampire hime by




vampire conspiracy theories, go!

absolutely superb 

Vampire by Igor Khomenko

Vampire by Igor

Nachtzehrer by Igor Krstic

Nachtzehrer by Igor

850 words

A nice round number plugged into my first-person vampire tale tonight. I’m toying with a  title, but better keep it to myself for now so to not confuse anybody if I change it. It’s a fun little story so far, tho, with lots of potential. I’m thinking about getting back onto Wattpad and making this one a freebie. It’s the kind of fun and goofy tale that’s real easy reading so can attract a wider range of audience, especially a younger crowd.  Anybody have an account there?