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Some wicked vinyl pieces from waxworkrecords on insta. Noice ūüėé

z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Undead¬†by Mixielion Tha…


Undead by Mixielion

That glossy gaze… It whispers of silent pain, of haunting flashes of awareness. The Hunger is all consuming, but the soul weeps with the immorality of it… The soul remembers. -cm/z

Art credits: Undead by Mixielion.

Darkwood by Maxim Verehin

Darkwood by Maxim

Concept for the game of the same name.

Ressurection by terry wei

Ressurection by terry



Just bought that top one thinking it was the Kings, forgetting about the goddamn Vegas Golden Knights (who eliminated my boys from the playoffs last year). Considered canceling the order, but since they didn’t have a Kings version (wtf?), and being the author of a hockey/horror novel, I decided to roll with the theme. The Ducks’ one is dope and that Boston one (with Beetlejuice) is crazy cool, but the Knights colors work best for me anyway. Cool shit, regardless. ūüėéūü§ė And if you’re digging the hockey/horror concept, pick up the first ever hockey/zombie fantasy novel from my webpage The book is as fun as it sounds, gory dark and original. Get in on it while it’s still an unknown indie project. ūüíÄ‚ė†ūüíÄ -z

Catrina del Mango by Adri√°n Ibarra Lugo

Catrina del Mango by Adri√°n
Ibarra Lugo

do an evil nefarious no good evil doer skeleto…

do an evil nefarious no good evil doer skeleton


PURE evil

HATE flower


Lizzy by Melanie Delon

Lizzy by Melanie

Undead by Mixielion

Undead by Mixielion

Vampires by Jodie Muir

Vampires by Jodie