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Who’s excited?

Pennywise IT chapter 2 – Fan Art by Lordigan

Fun stuff from @mjhiblenart on insta

Dooood 0.0 Niiiiice 😎 covers from the upcoming zombie pandemic called Dceased. (Clever 😏) Art by Greg Capullo, Yasmine Putri, and Francisco Mattina 🤘(5/1/19)


Just bought that top one thinking it was the Kings, forgetting about the goddamn Vegas Golden Knights (who eliminated my boys from the playoffs last year). Considered canceling the order, but since they didn’t have a Kings version (wtf?), and being the author of a hockey/horror novel, I decided to roll with the theme. The Ducks’ one is dope and that Boston one (with Beetlejuice) is crazy cool, but the Knights colors work best for me anyway. Cool shit, regardless. 😎🤘 And if you’re digging the hockey/horror concept, pick up the first ever hockey/zombie fantasy novel from my webpage The book is as fun as it sounds, gory dark and original. Get in on it while it’s still an unknown indie project. 💀☠💀 -z

We all snack down here 🤡

We all float down here… by ted1air

There’s a pleasant visage =  ] -z

Pennywise by Disse86

A masterpiece =D -z

Pennywise Mona Lisa by Bryanzap

Villainous portrayal of everyone’s favorite alien-clown-man-eating-monster-thing! =D


Pennywise by Manzanedo