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Lovely homage to Adam Hughes’ Harley Quinn by @jayancletoart on insta ūüėéūüßü‚Äć‚ôÄÔłŹūü§ė

Fun one from @psyca on insta

Wicked work from @psyca on insta ‚ė†‚ė†

Newish stuff from the motherfucking man –>¬†


Sketch by Edward

A…crab hair day? ūü§Ē

Art by popeofhell_art on insta

Sketch by johan

Totally tempted to break the bank to own these kick-ass covers from Renato Camilo, but…a dude‚Äôs gotta eat… *sigh* -z


Undead by Mixielion

That glossy gaze… It whispers of silent pain, of haunting flashes of awareness. The Hunger is all consuming, but the soul weeps with the immorality of it… The soul remembers. -cm/z

Art credits: Undead by Mixielion.

Undead by Mixielion