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New work from my man @lucio_parrillo_art on insta. Same diabolical mastermind who did the cover for my dark fantasy zombie novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell. Checkout the work he did for me on -> 🤘😎🤘

Just ordered this one. Had to have it. No brainer. 🧠🧟‍♂️


Another Krampus Christmas by Ted Hammond

Totally tempted to break the bank to own these kick-ass covers from Renato Camilo, but…a dude’s gotta eat… *sigh* -z

Sexy stock images for creepy projects. Get permission to create and download the high-quality files here –> 

\m/ -z

Who’s game for a go with these two?

Mileena and Sheeva
 by ShizzyZzZzZzART


Lucio! (That’s how I always begin our emails. For some reason I feel the need to “shout out” his name in text when addressing him.) My man Lucio Parrillo murders another assignment with this ridiculously badass piece of work on Vampirella Deja Thoris #1. Same guy I commissioned to do the cover for my first 2 Blood Magik novels. Check out the exclusive work he did for me that turned my zombie fantasy 6×9 paperback into a horror collectible on and get your limited Pure Art edition while you still can. I’m doing my first Con next month in Yuma so be sure to get a copy of this first edition before they’re gone. 🤘😎🤘 -z/cm

Magicka by Saidge42

Get boned 💀

Black Milk by Fleshgoredon