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Andrea Guardi da Firenze e aiuti, Monumento funebre a Ladislao di Durazzo (1414-28), Chiesa di San Giovanni a Carbonara, Napoli.

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This thing is nuuuuts 😬😬 created by @idaustinart on insta


Saint Sebastian San Salvador, by Alessandro Vittoria (1525-1608)

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-old voices, heavy and deep, leading the way into the dark, restless and unknown-

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Reminds me of the (SPOILER ALERT) creepy baby-monster my brain puked into existence for my third Blood Magik novel. Fun stuff. =D Checkout Book One on –> <– and go give this nutjob of an artist some love on DA –>   Torsobaby! by D4rkharlequin

Fingerboy! by D4rkharlequin

I wonder if he does appearances at Satanic orgies? 

Some handheld masterpieces from moldycreations on insta. Gud chit. -z

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Ron English – Boxing Brain