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Like 80s cheese? Then here’s a fun one to indulge in. A good movie? Nahhh. Shitty acting, terrible dialog, and a super corny concept. But there’s lots of creature action/violence and a reasonable amount of gratuitous nuditiy. It takes about 30 painful minutes of pointlessness for this one to get crackin but then the action is pretty steady. It builds to a solid 3rd act with amphibious humanoids galore and some fun gore, and I got a kick out of the final scene. This one worked it’s way up from about a 3 to at least a 6; maybe even a 6.5 just for not skimping on the creatures. I mean, most flicks give you a single creature, and mostly just glimpses of it the whole way through. This one delivers, man. Fun 80s cheese ball horror for those who dig that sort of thing. Streaming on prime video đŸ€˜đŸ‘ŸđŸ€˜

Fresh out of the mailbox, it’s Evils of the Night! … OK. Full disclosure. This is a terrible fucking movie. Lol Nothing good here but the cheese being so thick you’ll wanna bring crackers to the viewing. And of course the highly exploited, consistently topless #80s ladies. No impressive #gore, no clever dialog or storytelling, acting so bad it hurts (and it hurts sooo gooood lofl), not purposely funny, just so dumb that it’s laughable (which I guess was on purpose), and lacking in all things artistic unless you count the 80s hair (and I’m sure some of you might). But it had some moronic elements of #scifi (which always gets me), kickass #vintage cover #art, and I was totally into 2 of the girls so… “Sold! To the sucker in the back trying to hide his face from the cameras!” I can’t, in my right mind, (debatable, I know) give this imbicilic piece of filth any higher rating than a 5/10, but it’s a 5/10 I’m happy to have in the archives. Check it out if you like mostly-nude 80’s babes and have a very flexible sense of humor and art (lol…). Catch it on Amazon prime. -z

Oh Whats the Use? by ClintostheGreat

I’ve notice recently how often scifi and horror mix. For me, that’s like the ultimate “Fuck yeah!”. I grew up being all about scifi (and fantasy) and didn’t get into horror until my early twenties. So now when I indulge in some out-of-this-world (or-time) adventures and it’s gritty, gruesome and dark I’m enamored by it. The scifi story I’m working on right now isn’t horror at all; it’s comedy and mystery. But I’ve had one sitting in my brain for a few years now that I plan to get to eventually. Can’t wait to do my own mixture of the two and see what I can make of it. -z (for more scifi posts follow my other blog @c0ry-c0nvoluted )

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