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Fresh out of the mailbox, it’s Evils of the Night! … OK. Full disclosure. This is a terrible fucking movie. Lol Nothing good here but the cheese being so thick you’ll wanna bring crackers to the viewing. And of course the highly exploited, consistently topless #80s ladies. No impressive #gore, no clever dialog or storytelling, acting so bad it hurts (and it hurts sooo gooood lofl), not purposely funny, just so dumb that it’s laughable (which I guess was on purpose), and lacking in all things artistic unless you count the 80s hair (and I’m sure some of you might). But it had some moronic elements of #scifi (which always gets me), kickass #vintage cover #art, and I was totally into 2 of the girls so… “Sold! To the sucker in the back trying to hide his face from the cameras!” I can’t, in my right mind, (debatable, I know) give this imbicilic piece of filth any higher rating than a 5/10, but it’s a 5/10 I’m happy to have in the archives. Check it out if you like mostly-nude 80’s babes and have a very flexible sense of humor and art (lol…). Catch it on Amazon prime. -z

Oh Whats the Use? by ClintostheGreat

I’ve notice recently how often scifi and horror mix. For me, that’s like the ultimate “Fuck yeah!”. I grew up being all about scifi (and fantasy) and didn’t get into horror until my early twenties. So now when I indulge in some out-of-this-world (or-time) adventures and it’s gritty, gruesome and dark I’m enamored by it. The scifi story I’m working on right now isn’t horror at all; it’s comedy and mystery. But I’ve had one sitting in my brain for a few years now that I plan to get to eventually. Can’t wait to do my own mixture of the two and see what I can make of it. -z (for more scifi posts follow my other blog @c0ry-c0nvoluted )

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