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Getting my scribble on today in Point Loma, San Diego, at the Comickaze #book store in Liberty Station for their #WalkingDead event. Me and my boy, #zombie #kyleclifford, will be posted up outside, scrounging for sales. I’ll be letting the limited-to-500, Pure #Art edition of my #hockey #horror #fantasy #novel go for the special event price of just $15, so shoot through and get your signed copy of this unique #collectible. I should be there from 12pm-5pm (don’t hate me if I’m running late 😬). Come hang with an #author and indulge in the ramblings of the philosophy behind my unique brand of #undead. GET BIT!!! Or just buy stuff. 🤘🤘

Doing my first signing in San Diego (Point Loma, Liberty Station) during Comickaze’s The Walking Dead event this Saturday, peddling the limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of my zombie/fantasy book (not the exact one in the pic, but its variant that has nothing but the artwork on the front and back). If anyone is in the area, swing on through and get the book at the Special Event price while there’s still some left. If you can’t make it, checkout out to get a signed copy of the “exclusive-to-me” edition. Bookworms are eating this thing up so don’t wait, get yours soon. 😬🤘🤪🤘

Also, please Like & Share this post if you’re in the San Diego are so everyone you know knows it’s going down. Many thanks, zompeeps. See you there! \m/