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I’m writing a tabletop fantasy RPG, code-named Project TOF. I’ve been doing my best to do something on the game’s Discord server (link in the reblog) at least once a month. Usually I write these myself, but as I am not personally a member of the LGBTQA+ community (and honestly I’ve just had… a rough month), I decided to let my co-developer @thelyinglark handle this one!

It’s Pride Month so this month let’s open with some discussions about your LGBTQA+ experiences with tabletop or the fantasy genre whether it be personal or something you heard/watched! Obviously we would like to hear people who are part of the LGBTQA+ comminity, but allies are welcome to join in with their own stories!

Some questions I’m looking to be answered are: What are some things games (and devs) should/shouldn’t do to make tabletop gaming a welcoming space for LGBTQA+ players? What are examples of a game or its devs doing right by their LGBTQA+ players, or doing wrong by them? Would a game explicitly stating LGBTQA+ content is welcomed in game feel inclusive or intrusive?

Your feedback is incredibly appreciated! I hope you’ll join us on Discord (link in the reblog) and share your experiences with us!

Here is the Discord link!

It’d be super helpful if you would come share your thoughts on LGBTQA+ representation in fantasy with us! Tabletop games are for everyone!



Hey this might seem a little out of the blue, but I might have a new iconic soonish. And as far as I know, they’ll be… unique among the Collective’s iconics, to say the least.

Give it like… two weeks. I’ll prep a bio page beforehand so I can post it up as soon as I’m able to.

I’ve got the bio mostly finished. I feel like revising it a bit more though.

Post next week? Probably.


Hey this might seem a little out of the blue, but I might have a new iconic soonish. And as far as I know, they’ll be… unique among the Collective’s iconics, to say the least.

Give it like… two weeks. I’ll prep a bio page beforehand so I can post it up as soon as I’m able to.


This Species Week, we’re traveling to India and south east Asia to talk about nagas!

The purpose of species week is to discuss what defines a creature as a species, and get to the bottom of what traits/features are integral to our understanding of them. How do you imagine nagas? What are your favorite myths about them? What are your favorite interpretations of them from media?

For those unfamiliar with TOF and my posts on diversity in TTRPGs, I’ll also clarify again what we are (and are not) looking for in terms of species feedback:

We’re looking for the physical, biological traits of a species – things that define them as a creature. Are they warm or cold blooded? How many limbs do they have? What climates do they thrive in? Are they omnivorous? What’s their metabolism like? How do they reproduce? Do they have any special senses? What innate skills do they possess due to their physicality?

We are not looking for personality traits, commonly trained skills, or assumptions about their upbringing. Project TOF is being written with the firm belief that such traits should never come from a character’s species – these are for class, background, and the player’s imagination to determine – and thus such comments are not helpful in this context.

To those here for @wearenecromancers content, I have a favor to ask: I’ve been hard-pressed to find any necromancer-themed artwork of nagas 🙁 My submissions are open, and anything you find or create would be super appreciated!

Come join the Project TOF Playtest Discord and tell us what you think of nagas!




Now that Project TOF has its own Discord server, Species Week will be migrating over there. Come tell us what you think of Elves!

Now that I think about it, there’s no reason I can’t queue up a bunch of elven necromancers over here too. Let there be elves, it’s Elf Week!

Just a few days left. I hope you’ll join us on Discord
to talk about elves.

Post in the Replies what species you’d like us to look at next week!

Let’s call today the last day of Elf Week. We’ll see what we’re doing next week tomorrow!


For everyone’s information:

The plan for the 17th, when the adult content ban comes in, is to protest.

To do that, we are making as much noise either side of the 17th as possible, and using the site as normal.

On the 17th, dead silence.

People are saying log off but what they really mean is don’t open the site or the app.

But, on the 17th make as much noise as possible on every other platform. Tweet about it and post on facebook and instagram and everywhere else.

What this does is causes a massive dip in ad revenue for one single day. That does not make staff think ‘oh everyone’s gone let’s shut down.’ What it actually makes them think is ‘oh shit people aren’t happy and if people don’t keep using our site we’re out of money and out of jobs.’

A boycott reminds a company that the users (consumers) have the power to make their site (business) worthless with one single coordinated decision.

If you want to join in, here’s what to do:


  • Close all open instances of the app and site on all your devices before the 17th
  • Make posts before and after the 17th on tumblr and other platforms, talking about why this ban is bad
  • Make posts on other sites during the 17th. Flood the official tumblr staff twitter and facebook with your anger and your opinion
  • Come back on the 18th and check in


  • Delete the app from your phone (this doesn’t affect their revenue and since it’s off the store at the moment it’ll be hard to get back)
  • Delete your account. I mean you can if you want to, but if you keep your account and don’t use it you’re saying to staff that there’s still time to save it. If you delete it’s hard work to come back.
  • Open the app or website (including specific blogs)
  • Make any posts (turn down/off your queue and make sure nothing is scheduled)
  • Go quiet elsewhere. Make it clear that this is just about tumblr, not a mass move away from all social media.

Remember: the execs don’t care about anything but money. Shutting down the site means there’s $0 further income from it. That’s their last possible course of action. If we make it clear we’re not happy, they’ll have to do something or we can do more and more until it becomes too expensive.

Protests take commitment. They’re a defiant action against a business that is doing something wrong. They will try to scare you into not participating, because they’re scared. We hold all the power here, sometimes the execs just need to be reminded of that.



Probably going to still hang around here, but here’s my Twitter (@DungeonMemester) if you want, just in case.

You’ll find only quality content there such as this: