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Thought this morbid little xmas concoction was…

Thought this morbid little xmas concoction was appropriate. XD

Ok, so, this sexy little sleaze of a novel is unofficially 257 pages, which bodes nicely for a self-published book to be on the thinner side (much cheaper to put into print). I just finished another run-through of it to dot my eyes and cross my peas and this shit is looking pretty fresh. I kinda did a no-no by adding something in that is definitely illegal, so I’m gonna look into getting permission to keep it (being intentionally vague, here, to not give away any of the plot twist). If I can get permission: sweeeet. If not: ain’t no thang; easily remedied. It won’t hurt the story to change it into something that legal. But while I’m looking into that I gotta track down some freelancer to format the fucker for me and get it print-ready for Christmas. I’ll probably eventually pitch it to an agent when I find one, but I don’t see why I can’t self-publish it in the meantime. So we’re one step closer tonight to getting ‘er done. I can’t wait to have a hard copy of it stinking up a shelf in my home. 


895 more words…

…written. Another marginally productive Saturday night, alone with my detox tea and original characters. I’m thinking I got about 2 or 3 more scenes to workout in my Christmas horror novel, A Christmas Caracassing, before I call it a completed first draft. The goal is to get this morbid, holiday comedy ready for publication by the end of the month. …Even I, undead ex-stonersaurus rex, can’t procrastinate enough to blow that timetable… (I don’t think…) 

I got this shit. 😎


z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Them deadly red eyes and hai…


Them deadly red eyes and hair remind me of my illustrious Demon Queen. Here’s an excerpt from Chapter Six in my novel; her transformation from a woman to a beast:

Smoke stood watch through the streaks of
whisking blood-creatures that encircled Imala’s shuddering body, but through
his dead eyes could only make out the color red and the gray tinges of shadows
filling in the darker portions of the scene. He couldn’t see the color of her
flesh being drained of its plush signs of life as her limbs and spine contorted
and thrashed about where she lay. It seemed she was conscious enough to be
aware of her torment, but incapable of doing anything to ease the pain.

The bones in her body snapped and splintered
as her seizure progressed. Her dark brown, almost black hair was the first most
majestic change as it lit itself ablaze and turned to a deep, foreboding shade
of claret. She
may’ve been trying to scream, but her throat denied her efforts, suffocating
her, robbing the life from her lungs one breath at a time.

Imala’s fingers were the next to show change, stretching outward an added six inches apiece, gouging at the concrete
below her and sharpening to a point at their ends. Her arms and legs then
followed, elongating from the hems of her dress as the winds around her tore
the cloth from her frame and left her paled skin and scarred body exposed. She
had pagan symbols carved on almost every inch of her flesh that lit up with a
mystic, scarlet shine when they met the open air. And as her body continued to
extend, reaching a length of seven feet or more, her ribs cracked out of her
skin and thickened like a cage around her midsection. They encompassed her
torso as if they were fingers made of giant bone, gripping the sides of her
body and shielding her vital organs.

She looked to be instinctively clinging to
her last breath, not only suffocating but expiring in pain as she turned over
and clinched to a fetal cringe. Her back was exposed now to her [classified], and the
sight of his [classified]’s enlarged spine protruding from her frame was humbling.
Her new form, if she would survive the change, was a marvelous vision of power
and malevolence to be admired by all who’d be damned enough to see.


Another primal sniff of my upcoming horror/fantasy novel Blood Magik: The Reigning Dead.  Keep ur fangs wet for future teases. There’s a lot more death and dementia where this came from. 


Pic: Alp Witcher Cosplay by Elena-NeriumOleander 

THE BOOK IS AVAILABLE, MY HORRID HOMIES! A zombie/fantasy adventure nearly a decade in the making! Get you limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of the novel here before it’s swallowed by the horde! –> BLOODMAGIK.COM

Oh, and the first book is now subtitled A Cold Day in Hell.

The Reigning Dead will be Book Two. -z

The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on …

The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on over to and type in code word GoPriestsGo on the ebook page (a play off the cheer for my LA Kings who are part of the inspiration for one of the undead squads in the novel) and score yourself this zombie/fantasy world for WHATEVER PRICE YOU CHOOSE! It could be five bucks or one or a penny! Dig in and treat yourself to some contemporary literature that should never be allowed to hit the shelves! There’s a limited number of uses for this code so don’t wait too long. Get your next-to-free digital copy and indulge in a world where zombies are more than just dawdling husks of flesh but are maniacal villains, and, also, somewhat hilarious… (so I’ve been told)  There’s never been a book quite like this one, my friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. COME GET BIT!! And when you decide you love it, hurry back for the collectible Pure Art edition while it’s still ON SALE! To read the prologue, click here. -z  And please reblog! Zanks! 

z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Built Ashy Slashy a home out …


Built Ashy Slashy a home out of the limited-to-500 collectible Pure Art edition of my zombie novel. Support Ash’s cost of living here –> Blood Magik <– by getting your signed copy while it’s still discounted for friends and followers (gonna have to charge full price for the little fucker when I start using paid adds). Also, the ebook is now available! Use discount code WOOF to get the download for half off! -z 

The Cabin in the New Hell. Heh. -z

Chapter 7 of Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell, …

Chapter 7 of Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell, titled, The Beginning of the Dead, by Corwyn Matthew

One of my favs because this is when everything heads for Hell; “all roads lead to”, and all that – the fulcrum of the whole damn demon-caboodle. In other words: from here on out, there’s no turning back, dear zombros. If you make it this far in the novel then you’re in for a ride. The first six chaps sorta set the stage; introduce the “dudes” and other whozits relevant to the tale. Chapter Seven and beyond takes that stage and litters it with hellish adventure to bring about an army of ravenous cadavers that pillage the city of L.A. and set you on an unrelenting path for Book Two, Blood Magik: The Reigning Dead. =D

This chap has something like six or seven sub-chapters bad-touching on all present happenings throughout the BM universe. It also houses my homage to Hunter S Thompson’s, Fear & Loathing, with a character named Al (named after my friend Allan who bought me the book) having the honor of being in the wrong place at the really wrong time. Basically, this is where all the zombie-fun starts. Just a little something for you kooky kids to look forward to. \m/ -cm

Buy the limited Pure Art edition –> HERE<– (paypal only) for a buck cheaper than –> HERE <– for all other forms of payment.  

It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillin…

It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillingly painful foray of moronic cock-fungi screwing up everything imaginable, I’ve finally received the limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror/fantasy novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell (Book One).  It IS officially on my website for sale –> HERE <– for those with paypal, or you can swing on over to –> ebay <– where I also have it listed. Amazon is currently bing a stabbing pain in my gouch so this edition is not on there yet, but it will likely be cheaper on the above sites anyway (since Amazon charges me more to sell it). You CAN visit Amazon or Barnes& to get a look inside” and read the first 50 pages or so, but this exclusive edition is only available through me and is the true First Print, First Edition (since the other one is Print On Demand). I won’t go into too much detail about the book here since I’ll undoubtedly be posting about the damn thing repeatedly over the next few months, but I will say this: My novel was crafted to be dark, funny, fun, and action packed. It’s basically a homage to everything I love in entertainment, including hockey and the gratuitous use of the F-bomb. This novel is the start of a contemporary horror/fantasy saga that will inevitably transform the world outside your door into a gory realm filled with demons, beasts, a Devil Queen, the undead-aplenty, and more. Don’t snooze on getting your signed copy of this collector’s edition. And, as always, thanks for being a part of my blog. 

GET BIT!!! -z 

Zombie Obama approves this post. \m/



Here’s a little sneak peek of the Pure Art edi…

Here’s a little sneak peek of the Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror-fantasy novel exclusive to me (meaning if you have it, you got it from the author). My printers sent me the top pic to let me know my books, business cards, and flyers are done printing and will be on there way soon (probably about a month). Can’t wait to get Book One of the hellish little world I’m building out to the unsuspecting public. This 434(ish) page beast is only the tip of the bloody dagger, people. The Blood Magik saga will spread its undead adventures over the span of at least six books, so if you like funny, morbid good times you’re following the right dude. Stay tuned. \m/ -z 

Oh, and if you wanna read the first fifty-some-odd pages, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and check out the sample. BUT DON”T BUY FROM THEM unless you want me to haunt your fucking dreams and guilt you into a paranoid psychosis. lol Mine will probably be cheaper, limited to 500 copies, and personally cursed by the the chicken scribbles of Yours Truly so hold out if you can. Or buy both, shit, I’m not gonna stop you. =P  

BLOOD MAGIK: A COLD DAY IN HELL is nearly here. -z (again)

‘A pretty song, bag o’ bones, but it ends here…

‘A pretty song, bag o’ bones, but it ends here,’ Gurm cackled. The daemon swept his balesword out, but Arkhan caught the blow on his staff. ‘I have not yet begun to sing, pus-belly.’ Arkhan twisted his staff, driving the tip of Gurm’s sword into the cracking ice.