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Working on the set up for the upcoming horror con I’m doing and La Mirada at the hollowing club in LA. Here’s a peek at some of the posters I printed up. Look for them at Spook Show 7 or on my website (eventually…heh.) or message me with inquiries 🤘💀🤘


This is so cool 0.0 checkout –> @creepycapturesphotography on insta for more 🤘💀🤘

Ok, so, I just watched this one last night&hel…

Ok, so, I just watched this one last night… I’m a little confused. Not by the movie. The movie was actually really badass. It has this old school Italian Horror Movie vibe to it; creepy and engaging. Very low-budget production, but once you get passed that it draws you in and ends up being a really cool story. Why I’m confused is because everything I’ve seen online about it says it was done in 2007 but totally looks and feels like an 80′s movie. It’s even in “full screen…” The back of the DVD says “10th Anniversary” so that must be for the movie, but was it called something else originally? I’m trying to find the original movie poster to see if it’s something I want to print up for cons (which I got a handful of now that I just made. I might start putting some on my website… Not sure yet, tho.)

Anyway, I suck at research. Does anyone know anymore about this one? Like, if it was released under a different title?


Prickly, morbid accessorizing from kris_sfx on insta

Stunning concept from artist Shahab Alizadeh.

Stunning concept from artist Shahab Alizadeh.

It’s funny how my mind goes right to the literal as opposed to metaphorical. I feel like that’s a big reason why I’m not into poetry. I prefer the fantasy over the metaphor. Like, when I see this I think of a Hell for giants, as if they were bested, captured and confined to a literal prison where the lowliest of human pawns – this malnourished cell guard – is now their master, and they beg for the scraps he tosses them when he’s in the mood to torment. Whereas a poet would see something like his inner anxieties pushing through this tiny, bloody slit in his psyche, and he (the little dude to the left representing the poet’s conscious mind) serves them in desperate hopes to hold his bay.

The metaphorical is deeper, of course, and probably more relatable, but the literal has so many more possibilities for storytelling and to let the imagination soar. You got the metaphor, which is basically just colorfully describing everyday life – job and family troubles and (gag me) typical relationship drama – and you have the fantasy…which entirely transports you into another world, detached from those three things above that so obtusely pollutes so much of our so-called “entertainment.” But, it boils down to personal opinion. I’m not into the “feels” so much. But those who are, often consider fantasy childish or lame because it’s “sooo fake, dude! Omg…” lol

For my money? Imagination/fantasy is the fuel for all progress in society.

Emotions/drama? Not so much…



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Excerpt from Book Two, Blood Magik: The Reigning Dead–

The valiant convoy of zombie Priests and their diehard, human affiliates coasted south along the desolate 405 freeway for what felt like hours with Marty leading the pack, him never once wavering in the quest to recover his sister. Wet blood from the demon mists moistened his dead-eyes and accumulated like tears at their corners; the wind blowing by his face pushed droplets across his temples resembling ritual markings drawn before a battle. The Coach’s Chevy War-Machine and his trailer of undead in-tow followed steadily behind, with Terry (who’d regained the driver’s seat) and his dead-infested surf-racks keeping a close pace. They were about a mile out when the bombs dropped and the hell-wall took to the skies. The flames barreled across the freeway in front of them, cutting them off from their destination and generally shocking the shit out of those who were still capable of surprise.


Getting my edit on, cleaning up the manuscript and trying to get this novel I wrote nearly 6 years ago up to par with what I write today. It ain’t easy… I seriously had no idea what I was doing, but I’m getting her done. Visit to get a signed copy of the first book, A Cold Day in Hell or download the ebook for free on Follow my journey as a writer and experience the power of Learning by Sucking Ass Until You Get It That Shit Right 🤘😎🤘 -z/cm


Badass 😎💀🤘art by @dankobasicarts on insta


12×36 oil/canvas 💀

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“I love the smell of a coward’s insides in the morning!” Cayman, the second largest Hound in the New Hell, had his bulky forearm tight around a soldier’s neck. Reaching over his chest, he punched through the man’s stomach to finger at his spilling bowels like digging through a cooler for a cold beverage. “Smells like eggs and demise!” He took a bite out of his handful while rapid gunfire and chaos reigned around him.


Trying to get a little editing done whil in the Urgent Care waiting room. Pinched an all-too-familiar nerve in my trap this morning and can barely fucking move 😬😬😬 Hopefully it clears up before the San Diego comic fest next week. 🤞


Creepy piece of work 😬 #Repost #art by -> @dazarkos on insta