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Lovely homage to Adam Hughes’ Harley Quinn by @jayancletoart on insta 😎🧟‍♀️🤘

@lunar.felicity on insta doing what she does best: blowing me away with that #beautifulbizarre. Marvelous stuff 🤘🤓🤘

Chapter 12: Mystery Man (an excerpt) –

I see his eyes before I see
his teeth. I see his horns before I see his pointy jaw and sharp shoulders. I
see the burning tip of his tail before I see the slicing-black of his claws,
then the coarse rash of his demon skin wrapped around the bones of his fingers,
scaling up his wiry musculature to meet a vile snigger as diabolical a thing as
I’ve ever seen.

This creature adorns the
shadows behind my family like a second skin – then the fire dies at the cry of
the wind, scattering its kindling in a frantic hurricane that circles the
enclosure once before shooting from its top and taking its light with it…

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Erebus by –> dloliver

The Walking Duck from @cybernosferatu on insta 😎🧟‍♂️🦆

Wicked piece of work from @anthonyrondinone on insta

Those dead eyes 👀

Wicked 3D speed-sculpt from he77ga on 💀🤘

If you’re gonna make a trash #horror flick, do it with a bus load of girls in bikinis as the starring cast. I mean, duh, right? Easy money. I’m willing to bet that the cost of the wardrobe in this movie was the lowest all time of any production to date. (Lol) As far as the movie goes, the above description of “trash” very justly defines it. But that much is obvious (or should be). But for those keeping score, there was no #gore, no creative kills, completely uninspiring dialog, terrible acting, and a bad guy who didn’t have a single line other than an indecipherable grunt. And yet, in light of all of this, I still never felt like I was wasting my time. Honestly I was entirely dialed in for the whole ride. Lofl. But really the only thing that makes this movie worth the watch is the plethora of bare skin dancing across every scene. Oh, no significant nudity, either. But with them all half naked the entire movie you’re getting a fair trade off (as opposed to a topless scene or two). A fair (generous) rating would probably be a 4/10, but I’m still not mad it’s now a part of my collection. I’m sure I’ll watch it another time or two (or three. Heh) -z

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So this was a dumb kind of fun that got more and more bearable as it went on until it was downright enjoyable and a guilty sort of pleasure to endure. I mean, the production quality is about as low as you can get, but with a super cute #cosplay girl, a #lowbro Santa, impressive #krampus #creaturefx, and a handful of laughs, this one sailed up from about a 3.5/10 to a (dare I say?) 6.5. Honestly, if you’re into to low-budget #bmovies you’d still have to be well versed in some of the worst to enjoy this one. But if you’re as strange as I, and as long as you’re not expecting something more, you just might enjoy this. I’d say watch it if you’ve ever seen a movie that looks like it was shot on a cell phone and still enjoyed it. This is one of those, and it made my night. Merry Krampus, you cranky #gothic ingrates. Hope yours is wet with morbidity and steaming with #gore! 🤘🎅🤘-z

Beautifully goth.

Gorgeous cosplay from @lunar.felicityy on insta