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Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell (Book One) – The Past Meets the Future’s Present (on Wattpad)

This is the beginning of my gory but goofy, dark fantasy zombie adventure. The complete book (one) is currently available on my webpage,, but I will add a chapter a week here for those who prefer to read on this site. This is my first ever published work and is a wacky mashup of horror, fantasy, comedy, action-adventure, and hockey. (Wait, wut?) Heh. Yeah… If I had to pick one word to describe this story, it’d be “fun”. Read on, my sneakily curious Wattpaders. And enjoy. -cm

Just opened an account on Wattpad if there are any regular users out there (don’t be ashamed. We all have our guilty pleasures.). Follow and favorite and get your read on. Thanks for the support! \m/ -cc

And I’ve been adding images to each part to bring a little visual stimuli to the chapters. Nothing special, so far, but it’s a cool little Extra to go along with it. 3 parts up so far. Maybe four by the end of the day. \m/ -z

Yep. Gaze in envy, fuckers. Yet another masterpiece by my man,  Lucio Parrillo. The Very same Lucio Parillo that I got to do the cover-art for my horror/fantasy ZOMBIE NOVEL! Gotta love this guy’s work, man. Brilliant fucking artist. I also have him doing the cover to Book Two which will be available as soon as I sell enough of Book One to afford to put the fucker into print. So break the bank, kids! You’re gonna wanna get  in on the extremely limited Pure Art Edition that’s only  available through me and my website @ BLOODMAGIK.COM \m/ -z


Undead by Disse86

Watch the speedpaint here:…

Scooby Apocalypse #23 Cover B Variant Ben Oliver Cover

Sammie the Zombie by MosesJaen

I’ve stooped to a new low. o.o There is no depth too deep or too depraved that I will not sink to in the name of my obsession with the undead. 💀 -z


New Zombie by Trapjaw

Walker Zombie III by Trapjaw

Zeke the Inbred close up by MosesJaen

A very healthy looking specimen. o.o -z