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Finito, my dudes!  =D 

Reaching the conclusion tonight that sometimes less is more, I read over my epilogue and instead of adding another two scenes, I added 44 final words to top her off. I’m pretty sure I nailed that bitch like Christ to a cross. So, the first(ish) draft of this silly fucker is ready for stage two: meticulously going over it all for inconsistencies and making those final adjustments. 

Just a little about what you’re looking at:

That’s my man Marvin on the left, holding the Marvin the Martian bong, and his man Shawn on the right. These two throughly blitzed teens done did got mixed up in some gruesome shit by no choice of their own. When the bodies of dead Santas and their sexy (or otherwise) little helpers keep turning up on Marvin’s lawn, his only reasonable recourse (he decides) is to dispose of the fuckers before he’s fingered for the crimes.

Smart move, Marv…

Shawn, being Marvin’s best bud, gets mixed up in the melee, of course, all the while supplying the highs and lows necessary to deal with this bombardment of festive gore.

This, my friends, is a disaster just waiting to be repeated, until somebody pulls his head from the clouds long enough to do something about it.

Look for this morbid Christmas tale to be available by December. Unless I decide to peddle it to a literary Agent (looking into getting one now), in which case I have no clue when it would hit the stands.

Regardless… Stay tuned! 


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“A deep groaning hummed above from slithering leviathans infecting the sky, blocking out Heaven’s view of the foul disease of evil spreding below. There were eyes in every reflection, every shadow, every crack they passed, watching them drive deeper into the city. Every stop light was blinking red. Every street light would flicker as they drove under, threatening to leave them blanketed in dark. Every wall perspired with crimson droplets leaving a metallic stink waiting to taint their lungs. And their every breath was a reminder of the surrounding death they had to maneuver through to find their friends.” – excerpt from Chapter 20.

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