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Pretty sure this Santa Claus didn’t come for milk or cookies, unless you baked them in the powdered ashes of charred children and glazed them with their mother’s still-warm blood (lol…yeesh… That’s even a too dark for me…heh)

Rest assured, A Christmas Carcassing is indeed brutal, but all in good fun. “No Tiny Tim was harmed in the making of this novel.” Get your signed copy of my Christmas comedy horror novel on 12/11/18, only on 🤘🎅⛄🔪🌲 

art by @aykutmaykut on insta (I think…)

Wicked stuff from –>  ChrisCold

Wicked stuff from –> 


z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Undead by Mixielion Tha…


Undead by Mixielion

That glossy gaze… It whispers of silent pain, of haunting flashes of awareness. The Hunger is all consuming, but the soul weeps with the immorality of it… The soul remembers. -cm/z

Art credits: Undead by Mixielion.

Undead by Mixielion

Undead by Mixielion


Cool shit. Love it 🤘sketch by @markoteknambul on insta


Love these from @rodolfoloaiza

Grief by Gloom82

 by Gloom82

A collection of classics from this guy –…

A collection of classics from this guy –>  Hartman by sideshowmonkey

New stuff from one of my favs –>  UN…

New stuff from one of my favs –> 

UNDERGROUND by Hartman by sideshowmonkey

Maryell by cinemamind

 by cinemamind