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@lunar.felicity on insta doing what she does best: blowing me away with that #beautifulbizarre. Marvelous stuff 🤘🤓🤘

Wicked piece of work from @anthonyrondinone on insta

Dude 😳 Niiiiice 😎🤘

From @immortalmasks on insta

Who’s watching Legacies? Dumb and cliche but funny and fun. Also sweet ass monster effects that won me over by the 3rd ep. This one was done by @monstersand makeupeffects on insta. 👾

Cool work from –> ブラック ヤドカリ on

Fun cos from @lufelixya on insta

More macabre brilliance from @abbyroberts on insta

Love this girl’s stuff 😎👍😈

Makeup by @abbyroberts on insta

Blessed Samhain and Happy Halloween from your favourite, dirty goblin boy!

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