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Cast out
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the blood of the pure”

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Aasimar features

If you’re like me, one of the many things you love about D&D is the customization and the many fantastic races you get to play… But something I’ve noticed is with the Aasimar, the celestial touched being, a lot of people imagine it the same way.

The Aasimar is a man or woman with impecable beauty, almost seeming otherworldly. Yet when I see Aasimar in my campaigns or in art, a lot of people just take that to mean normal humans with alabaster or pale white skin. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting that idea, but we don’t have to tie the idea of “otherworldly beauty” and “white skinned human” so naturally. You could have darker skin, metal skin, marble skin, etc.

I’m going to offer you interesting ways to make your Aasimar look and even bonus features they have.

1. Aasimar, not Human

Aasimar are not human, they are a seperate race entirely. Now, while it does say humans are the ones who typically give birth to Aasimar the most, that doesn’t mean only humans can. If you want your Aasimar to have elf ears, or be a dwarf, a Dragonborn, whatever race, that’s fine! They don’t take the other race stats anyways, unless you make your Aasimar a gnome, in which you make their size small instead of medium.

An Aasimar I’ve had for a few months now is the child of a tiefling family. She has light purple skin, and for her horns, she has a singular unicorn like horn that is pearlescent, alongside her nails that are almost like talons.

2. “Celestial” does not mean “Angel”

Another common misconception is that an Aasimar has to be created by an angel. Any Celestial being may create an Aasimar. Examples: Kirin, Deva, Archons, Unicorn, Pegasus, even gods.

3. Unique features

The Pathfinder book “Blood of Angels” has charts of bonus features that an Aasimar may have. You can use these in any other game as they are just flavorful descriptions of your character.

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