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Dooood ūüė≥ This was a good one ūüėé Not only was Negan/John Winchester the lead (love that guy) but it had some badass, unique elements I really liked. I loved that it wasn’t you typical haunted possession, and the father/daughter dynamic really got me right in the feels. Definitely one for the collection. (Ordered the bluray even before I finished the movie) Check it out on #primevideo ūü§ė

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10/10 would run from screaming leaving smol child behind.

I’d honestly be doing y’all a disservice if I didn’t mention this one. (On #primevideo it’s called Haunting at Foster Cabin) I was really surprised by how much I liked this. (Probably because I didn’t watch the trailer all the way through so I had no idea what to expect. After about 30 seconds of hot girls and cheesy ghost CGI I knew I was going to watch it so just skipped to adding it to my list.) Let’s just get the cons out of the way first: I didn’t love the 3rd act (the “boss baddie” just didn’t do it for me), and the acting wasn’t great. Ok, now the pros: There’s a whole gaggle of hot ladies (my favorite being the rocker chick. Good LORD those little shorts they put her in…), a handful of lines funny enough to get a laugh out of me, some obvious #evildead vibes (they shouted out the movie in one of the first scenes so it counts as an homage), decent directing for the horror scenes, and did I mention the hot chicks? This one was well on it’s way to being added to my collection of DVDs until they took a step back and then never really found me again. But, honestly, if I can find it for cheap (like under $6) I’d still buy this one. (I’d spend more on it if it wasn’t streaming, of course, but since I can watch it any time…$6 is my high bid, dude; take or go find another sucker more desperate for tits on DVD than me.) This one got something ridiculous like a 3.4 on IMDb so I hit that shit with a 7 just to help restore the balance, but it’s probably more like a 6 for me if I’m being generous. (It would have been a 7 if the ending came through.) A shitty movie that’s a lot of fun. If you like #bmovie horror and hot ladies, check it out.

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Chapter 12: Mystery Man (an excerpt) –

I see his eyes before I see
his teeth. I see his horns before I see his pointy jaw and sharp shoulders. I
see the burning tip of his tail before I see the slicing-black of his claws,
then the coarse rash of his demon skin wrapped around the bones of his fingers,
scaling up his wiry musculature to meet a vile snigger as diabolical a thing as
I’ve ever seen.

This creature adorns the
shadows behind my family like a second skin ‚Äď then the fire dies at the cry of
the wind, scattering its kindling in a frantic hurricane that circles the
enclosure once before shooting from its top and taking its light with it…

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Erebus by –>¬†dloliver

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Yep. This one does it for me.

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