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When you got a head full of dead things. ūüíÄ‚ė†ūüĎĽ That #zombie life, tho. Lol ūüßü‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ #repost #darkart by @welderwings

 by Gloom82

‚ÄúThis just in: This man has no face.Also, this town is a creepfest What‚Äôs with this dude standing behind me?‚ÄĚ -z

Breaking news by Gloom82

Some friendly faces from artist¬†¬†–>¬†Verehin

Goodbye my love, goodbye by Gloom82

Ahhh… the sweet pleasures of bathing in slime under the gentle bite of melting candle wax… *deep inhale….and sighhhhhh* -z

babka by Verehin

Night of the Blood curse by DemonicAngelArt

This is pleasant =  ] 

Baptism by TheHollyLord

Alex Pardee, man… Dude‚Äôs some kinda diabolically deranged Picasso. Except Picasso‚Äôs art blows. This shit is sweeeeet! -z

Patient 1 by alexpardee

Doood… that last one, tho… –>¬†

Pennywise РBlack Eyes by slaine69

Pennywise by JoseGalvan