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Chapter 14: Destiny’s Entry (an excerpt):

I cannot be certain of the timetable I will account here; decades have passed that seem as eons, while others seem as days.

It was Haŋhépi-Wi who woke me. She is who the Englishmen have named the moon. She bled for me the night I was called from death and replaced my soul with a thirst for only her. I have learned from the sciences of pragmatic men that the Blood Moon is simply a trick of light, a shadow cast by Maka – the Earth – that discolours her through human eyes. But my eyes are no longer human. What I saw upon digging myself from the earth was no shadow or trick of light. It was visceral and dark, fluid and entrancing. Haŋhépi-Wi had torn her face from her bones and exposed her true beauty to me, her true desire… She whispered words in my tongue, words that spoke of prowess and the Hunt. She promised me I would know no pain save for that of her thirst – her desire. She told me I must drink of it to be free, and the more I would drink the closer to her I would become. She said to me I could become a Great Spirit such as she, that of what Englishmen might call a god.


So this is an entry from a vampire journal that my main character Conrad was asked to look into. For those who are not familiar with the story (which is all of you…) This isn’t how the whole story is written – the book is more of an urban fantasy/comedy that would appeal to readers from about 14-40 (although I’m sure the book community would say it’s inappropriate for kids under 18…). This is just our first look into the actual journals within the story that start to tie the overall plot together. So get your #quarantinereads on for free on Wattpad by following along with this one as I write it. Let me know if you find any typos, have difficulty reading a sentence, or just, of course, like what you read. Many thanks, my tumblr regime. Stay safe and stay clean. -z/cm –>> CORWYN MATTHEW ON WATTPAD <<–

Blood Moon images by gioboretti on insta

Chapter 12: Mystery Man (an excerpt) –

I see his eyes before I see
his teeth. I see his horns before I see his pointy jaw and sharp shoulders. I
see the burning tip of his tail before I see the slicing-black of his claws,
then the coarse rash of his demon skin wrapped around the bones of his fingers,
scaling up his wiry musculature to meet a vile snigger as diabolical a thing as
I’ve ever seen.

This creature adorns the
shadows behind my family like a second skin – then the fire dies at the cry of
the wind, scattering its kindling in a frantic hurricane that circles the
enclosure once before shooting from its top and taking its light with it…

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Erebus by –> dloliver

“Jimmy, close the door. No more stops.” Jimmy shut the door and Tara straightened
out in her seat. “We go to Alex’s. We wait there ’til she shows up or ’til
morning – whichever comes first. Then we all find a way out of this fucking city.”

God himself couldn’t have been
more absolute in his decree. It was becoming more and more apparent that Los
Angeles, California was the last place on Earth anyone should be right now. A
simple drive across town to a friend’s house was turning out to be a moonstruck
detour through insanity and dementia. The longer they spent drifting through
the blood-mists of this New Hell, the more they could see what was really out

Spirits of dead victims trapped in
stores, offices and cars, unable to escape the horrors of their repeating
fates, beating on panes of glass like padded walls in an asylum – it was death
that haunted them, not the other way
around. The alleys were so black it felt like their souls were in danger of being
consumed by the void as they passed – and they were. A deep groaning hummed above from slithering leviathans
infecting the sky, blocking out Heaven’s view of the foul disease of evil
spreading below. There were eyes in every reflection, every shadow, every crack
they passed, watching them drive deeper into the city. Every stoplight was
blinking red. Every streetlight would flicker as they drove under, threatening
to leave them blanketed in dark. Every wall perspired with crimson droplets leaving
a metallic stink waiting to taint their lungs. And their every breath was a
reminder of the surrounding death they had to maneuver through to find their

Excerpt from Chapter twenty of Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell by Corwyn Matthew

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Back at it, kids! Got started on Chapter 51 today,which is in Book 3. I mentioned before that I’m going with “running chapters,” so Book Two starts with Chapter 23, and Book Three with 38.5. The mayhem is real, people. The world I originally envisioned for my story is getting closer and closer; that apocalyptic Hell world where all manner of dark things freely roam the Earth, from creatures to demons to spirits and more.

Get in on Book One here –> <– Book two will hopefully be available in/around October 2019. And I’m trying to get the new edition of Book One out as soon as I can, at which point the original, limited-to-500, Pure Art edition will go up to full price so grab it while it’s still cheap. (You’re gonna regret not getting it if I ever become famous, dudes.=P ) \m/ -z/cm 

I think I finished off Chapter 49 in the BM saga tonight. Book One ends at Chapter 22.5 (The Bathroom Blues), Book Two picks up at Chapter 23 (which is not yet available), and Book Three, which I’m calling (for now) Blood Magik: A Living Hell in L.A., starts at 38.5. I decided on the running numbers because the story never really stops. It’s not like a series. It really is all one story and, maybe long after its all said and done, will be printed up as some titanic, 2,500 page omnibus that might be better sold as a stepping stool for us short folk to reach the top shelf than as a novel. (In that it’d be thick as fuck, not that that’s all it would be good for. Although, metaphorically speaking…kind of a cool concept considering it’s what might give me that “step up” in my career by the end of it.) Anyway, I’m not sure if anyone has ever done the running numbers before. Let me know if you know of a saga or series of books that has. And, as always…



Much love, my dudes. -cm

It’s been a bit since I’ve gotten around to scripting some new scenes into my Blood Magik world. (I’m juggling about 4 different stories right now.) I realized yesterday that I really missed my undead dudes. I’m currently working on Chapter 49 in the BM saga. I decided, since it’s all one story, to have running chapter numbers throughout the books, so Book Two will start with chapter 23, Book Three with chapter 38.5, and so on. (Yeah, I do some weird shit with chapter numbers. Book One starts with Chapter 0/24, a mix between before the story even begins and the future of it in Chapter 24, then pulls you back to Chapter 1). Didn’t write much today because I was was rereading stuff, getting back up to speed, but the above line was a fun one that sets the mood for the scene I’m working on now: the first big showdown in Book Three between my main man, Marty Grimson, and… Well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

Anyway, it’s my birthday today, my dudes. Hit the big 40 and shit… I’m no where near where I want to be but, hey… Wake up, call, right? Gotta get my shit in gear and start doing the grunt work. I suck at doing shit I don’t want to do that needs to get done. It’s sort of a trade-off: I put more work into my craft than 90% of people out there (the creative work, not the research or business side), but when it comes to the grunt work I can hardly get it started, let alone put in the hustle it needs to get handled well… I always knew that about me but hoped I’d find the drive to man-up. So far? Not so much…
So here’s to a new year, a new decade-of-age for me, and a reinvigorated sense of priorities. I ain’t got all century… Gotta get this shit done!

And those peeps who haven’t yet gotten your copy of my first ever published work, now’s the time to get that Pure Art edition before I start doing shows on the reg and they’re all gone. Shoot through to and get your read on for the new year. And thanks, as always, for your support. \m/ -z/cm


Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell (Book One) – The Past Meets the Future’s Present (on Wattpad)

This is the beginning of my gory but goofy, dark fantasy zombie adventure. The complete book (one) is currently available on my webpage,, but I will add a chapter a week here for those who prefer to read on this site. This is my first ever published work and is a wacky mashup of horror, fantasy, comedy, action-adventure, and hockey. (Wait, wut?) Heh. Yeah… If I had to pick one word to describe this story, it’d be “fun”. Read on, my sneakily curious Wattpaders. And enjoy. -cm

Just opened an account on Wattpad if there are any regular users out there (don’t be ashamed. We all have our guilty pleasures.). Follow and favorite and get your read on. Thanks for the support! \m/ -cc

And I’ve been adding images to each part to bring a little visual stimuli to the chapters. Nothing special, so far, but it’s a cool little Extra to go along with it. 3 parts up so far. Maybe four by the end of the day. \m/ -z

Could the fate of these two leaf-brained teens mean the end of Christmas? Or will Shawn & Marv live to blow doj another holiday day? Don’t let the series title, Shawn & Marv’s Holiday Horrors, answer that question for you. Snatch up a signed copy of the novel for a little Chritmas reading instead while it’s discounted at, and get your bitchin Bah Humbug skulls from SazSkullduggery on etsy. 🎅🤘☠ -z/cm

The Journals of a Vampire Scribe

860 words meticulously crafted into my first-person vampire comedy this gloomy morn, and I feel pretty damn good about a plotline (plot-point?) I settled on. I knew what the gist was of this part of the tale but hadn’t decided on its underlying purpose.

Handled that -cool-guy, sunglasses emoji-

And I tracked down the piece of art above as a “flag” for posts concerning this story, The Journals of a Vampire Scribe, that I’m only 3 chaps into, so when you see this, horizontally challenged chap you’ll know I’m updating you on my progress. I’ve mentioned the story before, and should, at some point, organize my goddamn blog so to have this stuff readily available for those interested in learning more. But until I have original artwork done for it, I’m using the dude above because my main character is a chubby, goofy sort; 19ish (but more like 23 or 24 in actual years on Earth), and a total fanboy type, so this drawing felt right for now. But it doesn’t actually represent the mythos of my tale so don’t take it too seriously.

*sigh* On second thought, I’ll probably have to find something more specific to me, otherwise people will get confused and think this is actual art for the story, expecting it to be the character…

Ok…scratch that. He’s still cool, tho. Oh, and I’m considering putting the story on the Wattpad account I just started up yesterday. Any regular users out there? 

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