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The Journals of a Vampire Scribe860 words meti…

The Journals of a Vampire Scribe

860 words meticulously crafted into my first-person vampire comedy this gloomy morn, and I feel pretty damn good about a plotline (plot-point?) I settled on. I knew what the gist was of this part of the tale but hadn’t decided on its underlying purpose.

Handled that -cool-guy, sunglasses emoji-

And I tracked down the piece of art above as a “flag” for posts concerning this story, The Journals of a Vampire Scribe, that I’m only 3 chaps into, so when you see this, horizontally challenged chap you’ll know I’m updating you on my progress. I’ve mentioned the story before, and should, at some point, organize my goddamn blog so to have this stuff readily available for those interested in learning more. But until I have original artwork done for it, I’m using the dude above because my main character is a chubby, goofy sort; 19ish (but more like 23 or 24 in actual years on Earth), and a total fanboy type, so this drawing felt right for now. But it doesn’t actually represent the mythos of my tale so don’t take it too seriously.

*sigh* On second thought, I’ll probably have to find something more specific to me, otherwise people will get confused and think this is actual art for the story, expecting it to be the character…

Ok…scratch that. He’s still cool, tho. Oh, and I’m considering putting the story on the Wattpad account I just started up yesterday. Any regular users out there? 

Sketch from –> MIKE’S ART BLOG

524 words…

…written tonight to set up a teaser in the epilogue for my drug-addled Christmas horror/comedy. After the teaser (that will lead into my Easter sequel) I’ll have to scrounge up a second epilogue to close the deal. At that point, this bitch is a wrap. My goal is still to top her off by the end of the month. I’ve been dicking around with other stories for the past two weeks but I can still smack that deadline on the ass. Looking forward to pushing this thing out like a hardened turd.

You’re welcome for that image. -z

Yep. Gaze in envy, fuckers. Yet another master…

Yep. Gaze in envy, fuckers. Yet another masterpiece by my man,  Lucio Parrillo. The Very same Lucio Parillo that I got to do the cover-art for my horror/fantasy ZOMBIE NOVEL! Gotta love this guy’s work, man. Brilliant fucking artist. I also have him doing the cover to Book Two which will be available as soon as I sell enough of Book One to afford to put the fucker into print. So break the bank, kids! You’re gonna wanna get  in on the extremely limited Pure Art Edition that’s only  available through me and my website @ BLOODMAGIK.COM \m/ -z


The team behind my novel, Blood Magik: A Cold …

The team behind my novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell. Extra-dimensional corporate pirates for hire. They offer fame, adoration, money and power. And they deliver. In return they ask only for what is inevitable. The tears from your suffering at the realization that none of it matters. The salty discharge of your eventual enlightenment…

Like a morbid angel, they appear at your moment of collapse to sicken your torment with their perverted delight in collecting their dues. Bottling your utter despair, hopelessness and regret, these beasts leave you at your weakest, then return to their otherly dimension to “partake”. Your pain is their utopia, their escape from immortality. They imbibe your downfall in careful doses then lose themselves in the turbulence, fucking and cutting and crying and laughing hysterically. Ultimate suffering bleeds the most potent of alien narcotics.

“A broken heart is worth its weight in the acidic secretion of a demon phallus”.


art by –> 

Blagoje Milojevic

Going through the haul, separating the pristin…

Going through the haul, separating the pristine copies from the the “eh” and the “😬” ones… Turns out nearly half of them have some streaks across the back that look like someone in that sweat shop across seas had them harnessed to a heard of school kids and dragged across the warehouse. Probably not a big deal to most bookworms but, as a comic geek I’m all about the condition my collectibles are in, so heads up: the cleanest copies of this limited edition will be going out first!

And another undead “zanks!” goes out to @freaky-zombie-chick for being tumblrer #3 to support the disease that is me and get herself a signed copy. 

Get yours –> HERE <–  if you have paypal or on my –> ebay <– account while this limited edition is still on sale! -z

Chapter 7 of Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell, …

Chapter 7 of Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell, titled, The Beginning of the Dead, by Corwyn Matthew

One of my favs because this is when everything heads for Hell; “all roads lead to”, and all that – the fulcrum of the whole damn demon-caboodle. In other words: from here on out, there’s no turning back, dear zombros. If you make it this far in the novel then you’re in for a ride. The first six chaps sorta set the stage; introduce the “dudes” and other whozits relevant to the tale. Chapter Seven and beyond takes that stage and litters it with hellish adventure to bring about an army of ravenous cadavers that pillage the city of L.A. and set you on an unrelenting path for Book Two, Blood Magik: The Reigning Dead. =D

This chap has something like six or seven sub-chapters bad-touching on all present happenings throughout the BM universe. It also houses my homage to Hunter S Thompson’s, Fear & Loathing, with a character named Al (named after my friend Allan who bought me the book) having the honor of being in the wrong place at the really wrong time. Basically, this is where all the zombie-fun starts. Just a little something for you kooky kids to look forward to. \m/ -cm

Buy the limited Pure Art edition –> HERE<– (paypal only) for a buck cheaper than –> HERE <– for all other forms of payment.  

SOLD!! The 1st ever purchased copy of my Pur…

SOLD!! The 1st ever purchased copy of my Pure Art edition goes to David Carter for being on top of his game! Thanks, my man. You made my day. 

Z-Peeps! The book is available! My first ever published work and zombie/fantasy universe! Go to or Ebay for you signed copy! (Still working on the Amazon thing). This edition is limited to 500 so don’t snooze! I’d hate for anyone who follows me to miss it. -z

It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillin…

It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillingly painful foray of moronic cock-fungi screwing up everything imaginable, I’ve finally received the limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror/fantasy novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell (Book One).  It IS officially on my website for sale –> HERE <– for those with paypal, or you can swing on over to –> ebay <– where I also have it listed. Amazon is currently bing a stabbing pain in my gouch so this edition is not on there yet, but it will likely be cheaper on the above sites anyway (since Amazon charges me more to sell it). You CAN visit Amazon or Barnes& to get a look inside” and read the first 50 pages or so, but this exclusive edition is only available through me and is the true First Print, First Edition (since the other one is Print On Demand). I won’t go into too much detail about the book here since I’ll undoubtedly be posting about the damn thing repeatedly over the next few months, but I will say this: My novel was crafted to be dark, funny, fun, and action packed. It’s basically a homage to everything I love in entertainment, including hockey and the gratuitous use of the F-bomb. This novel is the start of a contemporary horror/fantasy saga that will inevitably transform the world outside your door into a gory realm filled with demons, beasts, a Devil Queen, the undead-aplenty, and more. Don’t snooze on getting your signed copy of this collector’s edition. And, as always, thanks for being a part of my blog. 

GET BIT!!! -z 

Zombie Obama approves this post. \m/

Should be getting the Pure Art edition shipm…

Should be getting the Pure Art edition shipment in next week of my #zombie/ #fantasy/ #comedy/ #horror novel, my ornery, undead friends. And I ain’t just using those tags for the cheap exposure; this beefy little beast of a book is the start of something that has a little bit of everything, minus the drama and politics of our repulsively real world. This melting pot of dark genres is exactly what you get when you let some asshole who hates mass marketed media write his own novel. 

“You brought this preposterous construct upon yourselves, droll world! Now suffer the obnoxiousness of what you have wrought!” *insert mildly evil cackle here* 

Oh, but this pic is of the regular edition. The Pure Art edition has no title, author name, or description on the back, just the savage art created for me by my man, Lucio Parrillo. 🤓 -z

Here’s a little sneak peek of the Pure Art edi…

Here’s a little sneak peek of the Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror-fantasy novel exclusive to me (meaning if you have it, you got it from the author). My printers sent me the top pic to let me know my books, business cards, and flyers are done printing and will be on there way soon (probably about a month). Can’t wait to get Book One of the hellish little world I’m building out to the unsuspecting public. This 434(ish) page beast is only the tip of the bloody dagger, people. The Blood Magik saga will spread its undead adventures over the span of at least six books, so if you like funny, morbid good times you’re following the right dude. Stay tuned. \m/ -z 

Oh, and if you wanna read the first fifty-some-odd pages, go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and check out the sample. BUT DON”T BUY FROM THEM unless you want me to haunt your fucking dreams and guilt you into a paranoid psychosis. lol Mine will probably be cheaper, limited to 500 copies, and personally cursed by the the chicken scribbles of Yours Truly so hold out if you can. Or buy both, shit, I’m not gonna stop you. =P  

BLOOD MAGIK: A COLD DAY IN HELL is nearly here. -z (again)