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Day 5 of inktober and my monster girl prompt was “gargoyle.”

knightmeat:day 2 of  juanjoltaire ‘s witchtob…


day 2 of 

juanjoltaire ‘s witchtober prompts! Today was bone witch! I imagine a nomad who plays a bone flute to awaken some dead desert friends!

rowkey: I’ve had a big, old, glum-faced gargo…


I’ve had a big, old, glum-faced gargoyle in my head for a while now- time to figure him out!

gildasfuk:David, the evil gargoyle who likes t…


David, the evil gargoyle who likes to create potions.

mythprince: Noble DeadA noble undead gargoyle …


Noble Dead

A noble undead gargoyle gentleman!




At today’s session my 16th level necromancer, Devi, raised 72 baby crocodile skeletons.This was very exciting because for a while now she’s had a gargantuan mummified alligator named Albert who frequently gets fly cast on him and acts as the party’s alligator bus.

She has named the babies Albert Jr. I through Albert Jr.

LXXII. And as a result she decided to make her demi-plane into a swamp with minor negative energy attributes.

I’m just so happy I have my little undead reptilian fam. T_T We are approaching the BBEG fight of the campaign and I think afterwards Devi will retire from adventuring and live in her undead swamp plane. That sounds nice.

krone-art: I really like the Hearthstone card…


I really like the Hearthstone card designs from the Witchwood Expansion, so I tried to do my own.

erika-xero: William Wither, the Bard of the D…


William Wither, the Bard of the Dead for @quantesa :3 
I really enjoyed working on this commission! 😀 

redskullspage: Skeletor – “You’re Next…” by …


Skeletor – “You’re Next…” by

Eric Ryan






i just imagined. what if a barbarian necromancer

slams fist onto ground alright wake up ya lazy bones it’s time to wreck house and you shake the earth so much that it forces some skeletons conscious again

the opposing party of heroes gestures in upset shock. how did you. do that. that’s not how magic works

at 500 notes i’ll post my homebrew for this lmao

First off, I blame @probablybard​ for giving this post like 300 notes in 2 hours and catching me completely off-guard with regards to note count. Secondly, seeing as I literally just finished this, I haven’t playtested this quite yet.


Here y’all go, but especially you three. @hurlyburlywitch@this-is-midori@maya-kholin​ 

Barbarian Path of the Multitudes

For some barbarians, rage is an undulating force of life, one that can be tethered to another source for as long as the unnatural fury fills your veins. The Path of the Multitudes is a lonely one– not many allies are willing to be around one whose anger send life coursing through those long dead, especially when they cannot control the undead they create– but the sheer joy of summoning others to serve you will perhaps offset that solitude.

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