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do an evil nefarious no good evil doer skeleto…

do an evil nefarious no good evil doer skeleton


PURE evil

HATE flower


The Attack


The necromancer unlaced her boots and quietly slid them off. She removed and then stuffed her stockings inside, down into the toes. Pausing a moment, she pressed bare soles to cemetery dirt, relishing the sensation and attuning her senses.

“Quietly, like a cat,” the necromancer mumbled to herself, hiked up the black tatters of her skirt and crept forward. Her familiar, an actual cat, glanced at her, rolled its eyes, laid down, and went to sleep.

Into the cemetery heart the mistress of dread skulked, shushing the ghosts that rose to greet her. She approached an unaware skeleton tending a patch of hemlock.

Without warning, the necromancer leapt forward and attacked.

“GraahhhahHHH!” the skeleton howled, falling over in a heap. The necromancer kissed its skull repeatedly, her hue-changing lipstick leaving dark rainbow marks.

“Did you miss me?” she lazily demanded, curling up around the bones.

“You were gone less than a day, you just went to work,” the skeleton retorted, amusement laced with exasperation.

“You missed me.” Smooch.



Day 5 of inktober and my monster girl prompt was “gargoyle.”

knightmeat:day 2 of  juanjoltaire ‘s witchtob…


day 2 of 

juanjoltaire ‘s witchtober prompts! Today was bone witch! I imagine a nomad who plays a bone flute to awaken some dead desert friends!

rowkey: I’ve had a big, old, glum-faced gargo…


I’ve had a big, old, glum-faced gargoyle in my head for a while now- time to figure him out!

gildasfuk:David, the evil gargoyle who likes t…


David, the evil gargoyle who likes to create potions.

mythprince: Noble DeadA noble undead gargoyle …


Noble Dead

A noble undead gargoyle gentleman!




At today’s session my 16th level necromancer, Devi, raised 72 baby crocodile skeletons.This was very exciting because for a while now she’s had a gargantuan mummified alligator named Albert who frequently gets fly cast on him and acts as the party’s alligator bus.

She has named the babies Albert Jr. I through Albert Jr.

LXXII. And as a result she decided to make her demi-plane into a swamp with minor negative energy attributes.

I’m just so happy I have my little undead reptilian fam. T_T We are approaching the BBEG fight of the campaign and I think afterwards Devi will retire from adventuring and live in her undead swamp plane. That sounds nice.

krone-art: I really like the Hearthstone card…


I really like the Hearthstone card designs from the Witchwood Expansion, so I tried to do my own.

erika-xero: William Wither, the Bard of the D…


William Wither, the Bard of the Dead for @quantesa :3 
I really enjoyed working on this commission! 😀