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Chapter 14: Destiny’s Entry (an excerpt):

I cannot be certain of the timetable I will account here; decades have passed that seem as eons, while others seem as days.

It was Haŋhépi-Wi who woke me. She is who the Englishmen have named the moon. She bled for me the night I was called from death and replaced my soul with a thirst for only her. I have learned from the sciences of pragmatic men that the Blood Moon is simply a trick of light, a shadow cast by Maka – the Earth – that discolours her through human eyes. But my eyes are no longer human. What I saw upon digging myself from the earth was no shadow or trick of light. It was visceral and dark, fluid and entrancing. Haŋhépi-Wi had torn her face from her bones and exposed her true beauty to me, her true desire… She whispered words in my tongue, words that spoke of prowess and the Hunt. She promised me I would know no pain save for that of her thirst – her desire. She told me I must drink of it to be free, and the more I would drink the closer to her I would become. She said to me I could become a Great Spirit such as she, that of what Englishmen might call a god.


So this is an entry from a vampire journal that my main character Conrad was asked to look into. For those who are not familiar with the story (which is all of you…) This isn’t how the whole story is written – the book is more of an urban fantasy/comedy that would appeal to readers from about 14-40 (although I’m sure the book community would say it’s inappropriate for kids under 18…). This is just our first look into the actual journals within the story that start to tie the overall plot together. So get your #quarantinereads on for free on Wattpad by following along with this one as I write it. Let me know if you find any typos, have difficulty reading a sentence, or just, of course, like what you read. Many thanks, my tumblr regime. Stay safe and stay clean. -z/cm –>> CORWYN MATTHEW ON WATTPAD <<–

Blood Moon images by gioboretti on insta

A freakishly odd story writhing in alien-bug-creature metaphor describing a writer’s dedication to his craft that only costs him his sanity. Bizarro fiction disguised as a drug trip, wrapped in an inner struggle with pansexuality (before that was a thing). I think I liked this movie a lot, but it’s so twisted in metaphor it’s hard to really know what it means. It’s not horror, but darkly twisted and #strange. Cool #vintage #creature #sfx and sort of a noir vibe. Very my-kinda-weird. Abstract art of a sort. Check it out if you like #oldschool flicks and refreshingly whacky storytelling. 7/10

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Looking through some favs from Manzanedo on today for an image to head Chapter 6 of my vampire/fantasy/comedy story on Wattpad –> The Journals of a Vampire Scribe <– Click the link to checkout the story. \m/ -z/cm

Wicked little #book creeper 😬😁 creater by @horrorsculptures on insta

Put this image together and uploaded the Proem (prologue) and first chap of my experimental vampire comedy on Wattpad. Look up corwynmatthew to check it out and let me know what you think. And here’s a sniff of what I wrote yesterday, throwing down a sold 861 words to top off chapter 4 \m/


“What…do I do with this?”

“It’s a bag, genius. You open it.”

Somehow I feel like this is
a setup. Like if-and-when I opened the damn thing some illusion of a giant spider or demon-red
snake is going to leap from its contents, alien-baby-face-hug me, and send me
spiraling into the role of The Vamp Who Shit His Own Heart Through His Ass in Terror…

When I don’t move to
further the plot, she rolls her eyes with a
sigh, grabs the bag from my hands and unzips it for me. I’m pretty sure I
didn’t cringe… At least not outwardly. But either way I feel like a sissy when
she hands it back and nothing repulsive slithers out.

“Look,” she says, having to
walk me through the
motions of manning-up.

“For what?”

I decide it’s probably safe to do as she asks and start in on it,
sifting through a fairly ordinary, early-twenty-something’s things.


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I think I finished off Chapter 49 in the BM saga tonight. Book One ends at Chapter 22.5 (The Bathroom Blues), Book Two picks up at Chapter 23 (which is not yet available), and Book Three, which I’m calling (for now) Blood Magik: A Living Hell in L.A., starts at 38.5. I decided on the running numbers because the story never really stops. It’s not like a series. It really is all one story and, maybe long after its all said and done, will be printed up as some titanic, 2,500 page omnibus that might be better sold as a stepping stool for us short folk to reach the top shelf than as a novel. (In that it’d be thick as fuck, not that that’s all it would be good for. Although, metaphorically speaking…kind of a cool concept considering it’s what might give me that “step up” in my career by the end of it.) Anyway, I’m not sure if anyone has ever done the running numbers before. Let me know if you know of a saga or series of books that has. And, as always…



Much love, my dudes. -cm

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Synopsis for A Christmas Carcassing: In Shawn & Marv’s Holiday Horrors (Book One), two toasted teens find themselves immersed in the festive corpses of Christmas mall workers without a clue to who’s leaving them behind. With only one Santa left alive in town, can these two leaf-brained suburbanites piece together who’s tearing the holidays apart in time to save Christmas? Comedy and carnage collide in this comedic -insert arbitrary C-word here-

Synopsis for Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell: Undead hockey jocks. An eight-foot-tall, soul-hording demon wolf. A near-immortal witch with sights set on ruling her New Hell on Earth. And a squad of unlucky chum in apocalyptic waters all collide under blood-clouds for a morbidly wicked adventure staring a beast, a beauty, and an old guy. Blood Magik is the sports-themed d-day no one dared asked for. Readers, be warned: This book bites. 

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