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The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on over to and type in code word GoPriestsGo on the ebook page (a play off the cheer for my LA Kings who are part of the inspiration for one of the undead squads in the novel) and score yourself this zombie/fantasy world for WHATEVER PRICE YOU CHOOSE! It could be five bucks or one or a penny! Dig in and treat yourself to some contemporary literature that should never be allowed to hit the shelves! There’s a limited number of uses for this code so don’t wait too long. Get your next-to-free digital copy and indulge in a world where zombies are more than just dawdling husks of flesh but are maniacal villains, and, also, somewhat hilarious… (so I’ve been told)  There’s never been a book quite like this one, my friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. COME GET BIT!! And when you decide you love it, hurry back for the collectible Pure Art edition while it’s still ON SALE! To read the prologue, click here. -z  And please reblog! Zanks!