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…quick words slipped into Blood Magik: Living Hell in LA (Book Three) this morning, getting back to the start of a mid-novel showdown twenty (of my character’s) years in the making. This one has a lot of potential for fantastical, apocalypse-world imagery since it’s taking place in the center of a bit of “terraforming” being orchestrated by the elemental, Raze: one of my demon queen’s twelve elite demons. These extraordinarily powerful entities don’t play too much into the plot, but have a final purpose in the overall story that won’t be revealed until the end of the Blood Magik saga. Until then they’re more like obstacles to have to work around while navigating through the New Hell. And this one is gonna help set the stage for a pretty savage beat-down. Fun times. =D Get in on the growing saga by getting your exclusive, collectible copy of the start of it all on my web page –> <– while they’re still discounted. Gonna be doing my first con next weekend in Yuma so it would be safer to get yours now since this edition is extremely limited. Also, follow my personal journey to becoming a better writer. The stuff I put together now is embarrassingly better than what I put together in the first book. Not the story, but the writing. I actually spent over a year updating Book One just so it could come close to what I’m actually capable of now, but compared to Book Three it’s hardly even noticeably the same writer (aside from my cheesy sense of humor). This too can make make Book One even more of a collectible, so don’t wait much longer. The first run will likely be gone soon. \m/

New book photo chop-up: Paperbacks & Vinyl. The limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell alongside Necro’s Prefix for Death 2LP.  Discovering new ways to put these chop-jobs together every time I work on a new one. Fun way to flex the creativity in between flipping through feeds, scrolling for inspiration. Learn more about the novel –> HERE <– and, as always, I greatly appreciate your reblogs and support. \m/ -z

Paperbacks and Vinyl: Blood Magik (Book One) by c0rwyn

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And I think I’m officially one epilogue away from topping of my Christmas horror comedy novel. Finished Chapter 9 tonight (I think) with a key scene and now gotta wrap this sexy slut up with an anti-Christmas Christmas dinner. Not sure how I’m gonna do it yet, or if my boys will maintain some semblance of the Holiday spirit after what I’ve put them through, but the point is, I’m nearly done and need to start updating those who are interested a little more often. Being antisocial aaf (as-all-fuck), I realize now I don’t keep peeps in the loop often enough. So here’s the start of a new routine. We’ll see how it does me (and you). I think I’d kinda feel more accountable for staying on track if I voice my progress, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Who wants to bet I give it up in under two weeks? -z

The ebook is up for grabs, zompeeps! Creep on over to and type in code word GoPriestsGo on the ebook page (a play off the cheer for my LA Kings who are part of the inspiration for one of the undead squads in the novel) and score yourself this zombie/fantasy world for WHATEVER PRICE YOU CHOOSE! It could be five bucks or one or a penny! Dig in and treat yourself to some contemporary literature that should never be allowed to hit the shelves! There’s a limited number of uses for this code so don’t wait too long. Get your next-to-free digital copy and indulge in a world where zombies are more than just dawdling husks of flesh but are maniacal villains, and, also, somewhat hilarious… (so I’ve been told)  There’s never been a book quite like this one, my friends. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. COME GET BIT!! And when you decide you love it, hurry back for the collectible Pure Art edition while it’s still ON SALE! To read the prologue, click here. -z  And please reblog! Zanks! 

Built Ashy Slashy a home out of the limited-to-500 collectible Pure Art edition of my zombie novel. Support Ash’s cost of living here –> Blood Magik <– by getting your signed copy while it’s still discounted for friends and followers (gonna have to charge full price for the little fucker when I start using paid adds). Also, the ebook is now available! Use discount code WOOF to get the download for half off! -z