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Back at it, kids! Got started on Chapter 51 today,which is in Book 3. I mentioned before that I’m going with “running chapters,” so Book Two starts with Chapter 23, and Book Three with 38.5. The mayhem is real, people. The world I originally envisioned for my story is getting closer and closer; that apocalyptic Hell world where all manner of dark things freely roam the Earth, from creatures to demons to spirits and more.

Get in on Book One here –> <– Book two will hopefully be available in/around October 2019. And I’m trying to get the new edition of Book One out as soon as I can, at which point the original, limited-to-500, Pure Art edition will go up to full price so grab it while it’s still cheap. (You’re gonna regret not getting it if I ever become famous, dudes.=P ) \m/ -z/cm 

Threw these images together for fun. Probably overkill since I plan on (lightly) bashing the book, but what the hell. 

Star Wars death Troopers; A Book Review:

 Ok, so, to be fair, I fell for the concept and the cover art and bought the damn thing before I took a look inside at the writing. I really try not to do that since I’m so damn picky about prose. This being the case, I’ll chalk this one up to a “my bad” and not dig too deep into the writing itself. I will say that it wasn’t bad; it just didn’t do anything for me.

BUT…before I let Mr. Schrieber slide, I gotta just say… Star Wars stories without the Jedi are like going to a stake house and only getting to eat coleslaw and potatoes. Sure the sides are great; nice and thick and seasoned well with that classic scifi sauce we grew up loving, but, dude…WERE’S THE MEAT?!?! You get the opportunity to write a Star Wars zombie story and you don’t think to have walking corpses cut to ribbons by light sabers? I mean, I figured that much was a given. Personally I would’ve had zombie Jedi AND Sith raining hell across the plot together as a goal and worked my way to it and through it, buuuuut not even a single sniff of the Force was present. I suppose it’s possible that he (the writer) had his hands tied by the folks who held the rights, and, in that case: I feel your pain, bruh. But in any other case it’s just a severe lack of imagination to tell this story as is. And, for a zombie horror tale, there wasn’t much horror – more suspense. I prefer the actual gore to running away from the possibility of it, but that’s just me. I’ll give it a couple of stars for the touch of gore it did have and for at least having Han Solo show up to add a some familiarity, but the rest of the characters didn’t speak to me at all; not a single one. I reeeeally wanted to like this novel… I even continue to read the whole thing despite not liking the prose. But…here we are. I will say, though, that if you’re an average reader and fanboy or girl, you’ll probably love it. I’m just not that guy.

Star Wars death Trooper sculpture by @benfranklinzombies on insta and the spacey background was from Joran-Belar