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It’s Here, It’s Here, and it’s so good

But I have work, only seen first episode; more this evening :p



The Army of Hallowguild by Chris Peach. Hallowguild is a grand city of Order, founded in the early years of the Realmgate Wars by the Lords of the Celestial Shield and the Flame Lords of Aradia Stormhosts. It has grown from a single Stormkeep into a vast cosmopolitan metropolis that trades with all manner of people from across the realms.Situated within Aqshy in the lands of Aradia Hallowguild is built around one of the few Realmgates that lead to Azyr. The heraldic colours of this city come in many hues and tones but most prominent are the reds of Aqshy as well as the blues and whites of Azyr.The Tempest Blades, monastic Greatswords, are renowned within the city.  They have never fled a fight and would happily sacrifice their lives over their honour. The defence of this city doesn’t just fall to the mortals of Order – the Stormcast Eternals who founded it also do their part. Both of these Stormhosts have garrisons within this mighty city, ready to take up arms and defend its people.


Stormcast Eternal.

the average Age of Sigmar fan

That is a renaissance Emperor if ever I saw one

Adrien Brody is playing Emperor Charles V in a film about the 16th century HRE

F**king Awesome

look at that awesome 16th century style plate armour

thank you Witcher costume designers 


if you told me years ago in 2019 i’d finally start getting éowyn bts content and from miranda herself i would have sobbed thanks xoxo


Parade armour for man horse made for elector Christian I of Saxony.

Anton Peffenhauser, Augsburg, before 1591.

Rüstkammer, Dresden.