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Seriously considering growing out the ’stache …

Seriously considering growing out the ’stache so I can be as cool as this art by TimurKhabirov @timurkhabirov

799 words

And the Christmas Day epilogue to my holiday comedy/horror is officially in the works. I don’t like to write too much at one time. Any time I do I run the risk of rambling on and creating plot holes that didn’t occur to me while I was “in the zone”. Then I end up having to erase the last few paragraphs and that’s just a waste of words. I prefer to take my time and sculpt the sentences and let the story develop carefully around the art of my craft. This makes me an odd ball in writing. 90% of all writers stick to simplicity: just telling the story. But that’s not what I love about writing. I love the craft: the word play. I love piecing together creative ways of describing or unfolding a scene through words. Anyone can tell a story. And plenty of people can tell it well. But telling it and writing it are two different crafts, and writing artistically is another in itself. Unfortunately, 95% of readers could give a hairy shit less about beautiful writing. They’re in it for the stories, and the easier a story is to read the better. It makes sense, especially from a business perspective, to simplify and make your work as reader-friendly as possible. The more people who can read it comfortably, the more people you have a chance at selling it to. But I’ve never been much for business. I’ve always been in it (life) for the art. One day I’ll likely have to compromise my craft for a shot at more dough since that’s the world we live in. But until I know I can’t do it my way, I at least gotta try staying true to me and what I love. Fingers crossed that the world is sick of the mundane and eager for unique. -z

8,189 Words…

…Edited in the penultimate chapter to my Christmas horror comedy, A Christmas Carcassing, and I think it’s ready for review. Currently, without a proper publisher, making my own way through this forest of an endeavor, I slide the chaps on over to my dad for a fresh eye and perspective. He’s something of a writer in spirit so has a keen eye for the craft. Also, the feisty old bull has a hell of a dark sense of humor so he gets my writing more than anyone in this world. I had an idea for my closing “Christmas Dinner” chapter tonight so hopefully I can get crackin’ on that soon.  Look out for this twisted, drug addled stoner comedy, kids. If all goes well, I’ll have it stinking up your shelves by early December.  Look for my current work on

442 words later…

And I think I’m officially one epilogue away from topping of my Christmas horror comedy novel. Finished Chapter 9 tonight (I think) with a key scene and now gotta wrap this sexy slut up with an anti-Christmas Christmas dinner. Not sure how I’m gonna do it yet, or if my boys will maintain some semblance of the Holiday spirit after what I’ve put them through, but the point is, I’m nearly done and need to start updating those who are interested a little more often. Being antisocial aaf (as-all-fuck), I realize now I don’t keep peeps in the loop often enough. So here’s the start of a new routine. We’ll see how it does me (and you). I think I’d kinda feel more accountable for staying on track if I voice my progress, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Who wants to bet I give it up in under two weeks? -z

Built Ashy Slashy a home out of the limited-to…

Built Ashy Slashy a home out of the limited-to-500 collectible Pure Art edition of my zombie novel. Support Ash’s cost of living here –> Blood Magik <– by getting your signed copy while it’s still discounted for friends and followers (gonna have to charge full price for the little fucker when I start using paid adds). Also, the ebook is now available! Use discount code WOOF to get the download for half off! -z 

Going through the haul, separating the pristin…

Going through the haul, separating the pristine copies from the the “eh” and the “😬” ones… Turns out nearly half of them have some streaks across the back that look like someone in that sweat shop across seas had them harnessed to a heard of school kids and dragged across the warehouse. Probably not a big deal to most bookworms but, as a comic geek I’m all about the condition my collectibles are in, so heads up: the cleanest copies of this limited edition will be going out first!

And another undead “zanks!” goes out to @freaky-zombie-chick for being tumblrer #3 to support the disease that is me and get herself a signed copy. 

Get yours –> HERE <–  if you have paypal or on my –> ebay <– account while this limited edition is still on sale! -z

Eight Lamentations is essentially going to be …

Eight Lamentations is essentially going to be a big dumb action movie. There was a period in the 80s when there was a bunch of new fantasy novels out that were all the same fantasy novel [I’m thinking Eddings, Brooks, Williams, Feist etc.] – that’s what Eight Lamentations is. It’s the big dumb fantasy novel of the 80s, it’s the collection of ragtag characters gathered together for a quest to find a magical mcguffin and potentially stop a great evil. With a little bit of Ocean’s Eleven and the Dirty Dozen type of thing thrown in.

New Interviews


I’ve been remiss about mentioning a few recent Black Library-specific interviews.

First up is a two part interview with Michael Dodd, over at Track of Words.

Josh Reynolds Talks Humour, Horror and the Age of Reynolds

Then there’s a two part audio interview with Kenny Lull of the Combat Phase Podcast. The first part of the interview starts at the 53 minute mark.

And last but not least, an interview with Tyler Mengel, of Mengel Miniatures.

Age of Reynolds: An Interview with Josh Reynolds

And if you’d like to see me in person, I’ll be at the Black Library Weekender this weekend. If you’re around, come say hello. I’ll be signing books on Saturday and Sunday, and on…various panels.