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THE EBOOK IS ALIIIIVE!!! Bubbling and festering and hissing and spitting, like some diabolical puddle of pestilence steaming and gurgling, oozing toward your pigeoning toes!

Grab your digital copy of Book Two of my urban fantasy/zombie apocalypse story NOW, and when you decide you love it, grab a signed, printed copy from my website BLOODMAGIK.COM when it becomes available (hopefully before Christmas, 2019). If you’re new to the series, dowload Book One (Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell) for FREE on or Barnes&Noble. \m/ -cm


I See you See Me Smiling 

ARTWORK AND SOUND : Khalid EL Morabethi

Voice : David Near 

Fun one from @psyca on insta

Killer piece of work from @cybernosferatu on insta 🔪 🤓👍

by Gan Feng

(card art for Starving Lich, Hex: Shards of Fate TCG)

NOTTI & NYCE SUPER CHASE COVER LIMITED TO 13 – 11/13/19. Lovely stuff.


Calculating Lich by Antonio
J. Manzanedo


The Tudors by GINOGINO