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Khorne warband Magore’s fiends !

Commission work.

I’m quite happy with the result. It’s not the first time I paint this warband but I’m really happy with the result. The piece of the cloak was really fun to so with simple but efficient technique.



It’s coming!

What, if anything, can you tell us about &quot…

What, if anything, can you tell us about "Dark Harvest"?

It’s an Age of Sigmar horror novel, set in Greywater Fastness, featuring the sort of protagonist I have written often, but never for Black Library. And that’s about all I can say.  



how long is a year in the Mortal Realms?

how long is a year in the Mortal Realms?

Depends on the realm. In Ghyran, it’s based on the seasons. In Ghur, it’s based on migrations. In Shyish, a year is whatever Nagash decides it is. 

There is a basic ‘Azyr’ year, which is based on the position of the stars, and the harvest seasons, but only the Free Cities use that as standard.  



Freeguild Ideas

// Just random musings, but it occurred to me that while the AoS team has made a run of great releases, the forces of Order – specifically the common mortals – have sort of slowed down. Which is ironic considering the new focus on the lives of common folk in the recent releases. So I thought it would be a cool idea, in any upcoming Freeguild release, if they also used it as an opportunity to introduce some more diverse aesthetics. Maybe new infantry models, or maybe just a bunch of “upgrade packs” that could subtly change the flavor of existing Freeguild models. Seeing as I kind of predicted the Beasts of Chaos codex with my Hordes of Gogmagog homebrew before that codex even came out, I’m hoping I can channel some kind of precognition again.

Azyr/Heavens – This one would probably need the least changes. Maybe just a few bells and whistles to make the old Empire “Freeguild” models more aesthetically in-line with the Stormcast. Or just have more variety in general.

Shyish/Death – Again, I think the modern Death range has enough bitz that could stand in for this, but some more “mortuary” upgrade packs would always have utility for the whole range of Citadel minis.

Hysh/Light – So the obvious thing would be to do some kind of AdMech magitek vibe, or maybe elf-inspired bits. But I think it would be great opportunity to give some love to Cathay and the eastern realms which never got recognition in old Fantasy. Maybe something in-between general East Asian and high fantasy so that hobbyists could slightly change the flavor depending on what vibe they were going for.

Ulgu/Shadow – Similar to Hysh, but darker. Maybe some nice ninja masks. Alternatively some more gruesome stuff that would look similar to the Syish range. BDSM gear and whatnot.

Chamon/Metal – This is where you can probably get that steampunk/magitek aesthetic if you’re unenthused about skipping Hysh.

Ghyran/Life – Hippy bits are obvious. BUT: a much better idea – neo-Bretonnia. Bretonnia was always very elf-influenced after all, and the re-introduction of some knightly vibes into the forces of Order would nicely shake things up.

Ghur/Beasts – Barbarian bits. They already did this with the Stormcast. Everyone loves barbarians, and they have a lot of utility across multiple ranges.

Aqshy/Fire – This is where I think – similar to Hysh – you could introduce some alternate aesthetics outside of traditional high fantasy. Maybe something evocative of the Mali Empire or Abbasid Caliphate? Bringing in some neglected Araby and Southlands love into the Mortal Realms similar to the Hysh idea. Let your Freeguild be something other than German.

ok I like it, but one caveat… each realm needs a lot of diversity on their core ‘aesthetic’ I remember one core book talking about a trading empire in Aqshy that was basically imperial china but with airships…

…so that being aid upgrade kits are the way to go; forgeworld would love that

Cat, Bag, Out



Cubicle 7 revealed a look at the new Age of Sigmar RPG yesterday, including Johan Grenier’s fantastic cover art, as well as the names of a few outside consultants – myself among them.  (more…)

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This must have been killing you to just sit on omg.


AGE OF SIGMAR COVER REVEAL & UPDATE | Cubicle 7: undefined

hello there

hello there

The AoS rpg is shaping up well I see