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‘Great Sotek forgives you your blasphemy,’ Chutehk said


Freeguild Regiment Ideas

(to be updated as I come up with good ideas)

-The Coppehearts: levied Ghurian hillmen from the

Coast of Tusks, moniker was bestowed upon them from use of bronze arrowheads when originally founded 

-The Frostheart Knights: my boys

-The Jackdaws: elite foot regiment from Excelsis, they are named after their dark uniforms…and certainly not their reputation for looting

-The Aerie Guard: originally the royal guard of a long-destroyed empire, this freeguild regiment still fights to free their ancestor’s homeland from chaos


Something I appreciate about AoS books; but especially the ones by @occultdetectives is that all the mortal armies mentioned are very diverse and interesting; but you can really believe they are from a similar time/place

thestonecuttersguild: The Boars Head Tavern an…


The Boars Head Tavern and Inn, Dunbrough. 2007

10/10 would have battle over it


So many lady stormcasts, so little time


“Khela Sango, Lord-Castellant for the Bullhearts warrior chamber, sat very still as the children wove flowers into her tightly curled hair”

too pure for this world 


*opens bottle of wine*

*drinks heavily*

I have red enough AoS novels that this prologue really gets to me

Of the city’s final hours, few stories remain….

Of the city’s final hours, few stories remain. Tales of heroism, like the final charge of Count Vitalian, or the last stand of the High Executioner, who wielded her black axe in defence of the Great Gaol. And the doomed defiance of Tarsem the Ox, last prince and defender of Helstone… 

Ogwell Mancini
Nine Hundred Kings: An Expanded History of Helstone


So many Josh Reyolds stories this month 

not that I mind


Going to start Hallowed Knights: Black Pyramid this evening