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not even got to Wald yet and I am getting massive bad vibes from the place 

Team Gint 2020

I thought Ghyran was the cuddly Realm though 

Greywater Fastness sounds like a really miserable place to live

The surrounding swamplands sound even worse

I heard a bleating scream from outside the wagon and peered out the back, Gint at my elbow. ‘Bramblehorn,’ he muttered. ‘Stinking beasts.’
Bramblehorns were akin to sheep, though their thick, shaggy, coarse wool was the colour of moss, and their curling horns were barbed and deadly looking. The animals were hardy and capable of surviving even the most adverse conditions. They also didn’t like being herded.


“The Black Knights were once the proud Silver Knights of the Stormcast Eternals in the realm of Shysh. Long ago they fought chaos demons and were charred black by the flames. Many traveled with their Lord General to the Kiln of the Flame, and were burned to ashes when he linked the First Flame in a bid to try and turn the tide against the forces of Death. Now they wander the world as disembodied spirits bound to their armor ever after. Their great scything weapons causing terror as the blades audibly scream with each swing.”

Finished Stormcast Decimators.

With WFB coming back as ‘Hammer Heresy’ for AoS I will be interested to see what its sales figures are like compared to the Horus Heresy, because AoS has traditionally sold  competitively with 40k; so hopefully it’ll be similar again 


AoS > WFB 

Though I am very glad that people who still prefer WFB will get a HH-type system from GW/Forge World to support their hobby in the future 

I have moved on though



(to be updated as I come up with good ideas)

-The Coppehearts: levied Ghurian hillmen from the

Coast of Tusks, moniker was bestowed upon them from use of bronze arrowheads when originally founded 

-The Frostheart Knights: my boys

-The Jackdaws: elite foot regiment from Excelsis, they are named after their dark uniforms…and certainly not their reputation for looting

-The Aerie Guard: originally the royal guard of a long-destroyed empire, this freeguild regiment still fights to free their ancestor’s homeland from chaos

(to be updated as I come up with good ideas…again)

-The Viridian
Drakes: more of a standing army than a regiment, recently founded to defend the city of Wyvern’s
Perch; they are modelled after the Gold Gryphons


Sanguine Lancers: a renowned force of light cavalry combining mounted archers and swift demilancers; majority of its members are Aelves or Kurnothi

-The Stormwatch: a marine force that patrols the ever-dangerous Coast of Tusks; it’s officers are infamous for commandeering merchantmen as bait

-The ‘Eelers’: a militia force that guards the imaginatively named ‘Lake Town’ and keeps its connected waterways clear of goblins, and worse 

(to be updated when I convince myself these aren’t stolen)

-The Greywater Blackjacks: longtime muscle for the Order of Azyr, this much maligned regiment concentrates its efforts on fighting internal threats 

-The Redshafts: a veteran regiment of archers, cut their teeth in the duelling fields of Hammerhal before being deployed to several long wars in Chamon

-The 9th Leopards: a large mercenary outfit from Shyish, named when officers from other realms mistook their lucky black cats for leopard cubs 

-The Order of Golden Spurs: a knightly order made up of scions from the most renowned Azyr families, highly disciplined and impeccably equipped