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jeinu: Almeniel, the kindly drow necromancer,…


Almeniel, the kindly drow necromancer, who’s more interested in giving the powerless a second chance at life than raising an army of dead. Commission for @paparapandanna​!

yzarro: shorteststory: HAUNTED MANSION // a …



HAUNTED MANSION // a short story about haunted houses vs haunted homes

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Denfer Fender, firbolg necromancer and genetically certifiable rat bastard

Dungeon Blogging #1: Warlock Necromancers



Once upon a time a friend of mine asked me for advice on how to build a warlock necromancer in 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons. My response was to send them a long string of texts that was my breakdown on the matter. For this new blog series I thought I’d start out with that. So here is my take on building a necromancer as a warlock in 5e.

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a recent full color comm



bigmsaxon: Commission of the tiefling Compassi…


Commission of the tiefling Compassion and naga Sophia.

Categorizing Magic



Fantasy settings have used various categories to explain and divide up their magic systems. D&D’s approach is twofold: differentiating between arcane and divine magic, while also dividing individual spells into eight “schools” of magic (Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, & Transmutation). The Elder Scrolls series also uses eight “schools” to categorize its spells (Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Illusion, Mysticism, Restoration, and Thaumaturgy). Magic the Gathering divides magic into five colors (black, blue, green, red, & white), each with elemental and thematic associations.

What are some magic systems that interest you? How does other media you enjoy categorize its magic? What about a particular setting’s magic taxonomy made you like (or dislike) it? Have there been times you felt a spell was miscategorized within a setting’s magic system? Are there any instances where you felt having “school” of magic made a character more interesting? If not, why do you think a particular setting failed to make the classifications of its spells relevant? How would you improve it?

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snartha: Undead sea snakes for Mermay


Undead sea snakes for Mermay

nobutatan: Long time no sboy (snake boy)


Long time no sboy (snake boy)