Put this image together and uploaded the Proem…

Put this image together and uploaded the Proem (prologue) and first chap of my experimental vampire comedy on Wattpad. Look up corwynmatthew to check it out and let me know what you think. And here’s a sniff of what I wrote yesterday, throwing down a sold 861 words to top off chapter 4 \m/


“What…do I do with this?”

“It’s a bag, genius. You open it.”

Somehow I feel like this is
a setup. Like if-and-when I opened the damn thing some illusion of a giant spider or demon-red
snake is going to leap from its contents, alien-baby-face-hug me, and send me
spiraling into the role of The Vamp Who Shit His Own Heart Through His Ass in Terror…

When I don’t move to
further the plot, she rolls her eyes with a
sigh, grabs the bag from my hands and unzips it for me. I’m pretty sure I
didn’t cringe… At least not outwardly. But either way I feel like a sissy when
she hands it back and nothing repulsive slithers out.

“Look,” she says, having to
walk me through the
motions of manning-up.

“For what?”

I decide it’s probably safe to do as she asks and start in on it,
sifting through a fairly ordinary, early-twenty-something’s things.


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