DAMAGE DISCOUNT!! on –> BloodMagik.co…

DAMAGE DISCOUNT!! on –> BloodMagik.com

Ok, so, the geniuses who printed the book with the (more expensive) soft-touch  lamination

(matte finish)

didn’t know what the fuck they were doing and scraped the backs of about 100 copies of my (ideally) gorgeous Pure Art edition. Really frustrating stuff considering I specifically designed this edition to be aesthetically badass, making it a collectible not just in number (limited to 500 copies) but in design. They apologized for their lack of competence, of course, and gave a partial refund so I can now afford to sell these copies for much cheaper than the original $24 list price. I just set up the listing on my website to let these marginally damaged copies go for a measly $9.99 a piece so if you’re like me, a bargain shopper, now’s your chance at owning a signed copy of my first ever published work, and in its collectible edition, for less than half its price. The book will still come signed, but not inscribed, and the least damaged ones will go out first. All are 100% readable and still a part of the original, limited-to-500 print-run. Dig in, my dudes. This buy is one for our times (cheap and shoddy, heh.) -cm/z

Get it here –> BloodMagik.Com

Oh, and if you’re new to my blog and don’t know anything about the novel, feel free to look it up on Amazon or B&N to get a “look inside” and other pertinent info. \m/