z0mbi3-s0krat3s: The zombies of the future: c…


The zombies of the future: created, processed, categorized, labeled, and sold to  rich foreigners to be exploited as they see fit.

You can order them as carriers or non-carriers, male or female. They can be modified with sharper, longer teeth and spikes coming from there limbs and fingers or with no teeth at all (for those who wish to become more…intimate with their dead). Their vocal chords can be severed so they hardly make a sound – stealthy and ravenous; hungry for the flesh of your enemies. And they can even be equipped with computer chips that reactivate a part of their brains, allowing them to think and strategize, even fool their human targets by playing dead or dumb. These are the horrors the future of man holds. Weaponized dead-things, created in labs to serve the morally corrupt.

And the market doesn’t stop with human corpses. Beasts can be made to serve beyond death as well……for a price. 

Weapons of Dead Construction by z-s0k

art: the_miracle_of_mind_by_ramenramen