z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Got my “not for resale” proof…


Got my “not for resale” proofs in today and all signs point to go!

YOUR NEW FAVORITE HOLIDAY HORROR NOVEL IS OFFICIALLY MURDERING A SANTA NEAR YOU! A Christmas Carcassing is live and morbidly awaiting your thirsty eyes! A gory, stoner comedy unlike any other, this one needs to be read (or possibly smoked) to be believed!

BUT...if you want a signed copy from me it’ll have to wait till I get my author copies in (then you’d get it from Bloodmagik.com). I ordered a batch to push at signings and such, but it can take anywhere from a week to a month to get the fuckers in. The ebook is on Amazon, tho, too, if that’s your thing, so swoop that up if you’re a feisty eager beaver and in the mood for a fun, but dark Christmas adventure. Regardless, thanks for the support, kids, and for putting up with the book-spam to come this holiday season. 🎅😁🤘 -cm/z

Just got an email saying my author copies should be in my groppy little claws on 12/11. A little later than I hoped but still in time to ship them out signed by Christmas. Let me know if you want one, and/or go to my webpage late afternoon that day to see if they’re available -z