789 words

Progress is slow going when you gotta stop in the middle of what you’re writing to do some research, but, damn… This story (a shortish one I’m calling Leeches for now) is fucking nuts, dude. It’s like the possibilities are endless inside this tiny little confined space my character is trapped in – anything is possible now that I’ve entirely distorted reality around him. I’m still feeling like this one is only gonna be around 60 pages, but I’m toying with the idea of getting some illustrations done for it to make it into something that can be sold in print.I met this artist at a signing a month ago who said he prefers to work with locals and indie artists, and his work is nice and gritty – heavy on the inks. So if I could get him to scratch up five or six gnarly illustrations depicting some of the lunacy of this story… Mmm! This could be a keeper. Stay tuned. -z