Got my “not for resale” proofs in today and al…

Got my “not for resale” proofs in today and all signs point to go!

YOUR NEW FAVORITE HOLIDAY HORROR NOVEL IS OFFICIALLY MURDERING A SANTA NEAR YOU! A Christmas Carcassing is live and morbidly awaiting your thirsty eyes! A gory, stoner comedy unlike any other, this one needs to be read (or possibly smoked) to be believed!

BUT...if you want a signed copy from me it’ll have to wait till I get my author copies in (then you’d get it from I ordered a batch to push at signings and such, but it can take anywhere from a week to a month to get the fuckers in. The ebook is on Amazon, tho, too, if that’s your thing, so swoop that up if you’re a feisty eager beaver and in the mood for a fun, but dark Christmas adventure. Regardless, thanks for the support, kids, and for putting up with the book-spam to come this holiday season. 🎅😁🤘 -cm/z