c0ry-c0nvoluted: (Playing around with Photo …


(Playing around with Photo Splash to try and spook-up this cheesy photo, but…) BACK AT IT TOMORROW in Liberty Plaza (Point Loma, San Diego) at the Comickaze – Liberty Station – Barracks 15 for the Art District’s SHOP ARTISTS event, pedaling the literary #undead to the unsuspecting masses! In other words – BOOK SIGNING! (as made evident by the photo… Come on, guys, keep up…) Swing on through to support San Diego artists and everything this event has to offer, including me and my gang of little giveaways for peeps with kidos who purchase a book. I got SPLAT Brains, spooky little wind-ups, and some (sort of lame) witch pens for your budding #artists and #bookworms! Look up Liberty Station’s website for a list of the happenings then shoot through and say, “Zup!” (That’s my zombie-infused, uber hip version of hello.) But if you can’t make the event, there’s always my website Bloodmagik.com for you to get your clammy grips around the limited Pure #Art edition of my dark fantasy novel. The event is both, Saturday & Sunday, and depending on how it goes I’ll likely be there for both days. See you if I do, screw you if I don’t! lol jk, kids, we’re still cool. GET BIT!! -cm


Headed back down to Point Loma to further spread the disease of me and my horror fantasy novel today, kids. They got an outdoor ice rink set up and more artist events throughout the barracks, so slide on through and make me work for my money. I still have kiddie gifts-with-purchase to help satiate the little monsters in the back of your car so come get some while supplies are still writhing.🤘😬🤘