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The Twilight Zone and Philosophy: A Dangerous Dimension to Visit (Popular Culture and Philosophy), edited by Heather L. Rivera and Alexander E. Hooke, Open Court, 2018. Info:

In The Twilight Zone and Philosophy, philosophers probe into the meaning of the classic TV series, The Twilight Zone. Some of the chapters look at single episodes of the show, while others analyze several or many episodes. Though acknowledging the spinoffs and reboots, the volume concentrates heavily on the classic 1959–1964 series.

Dare to Enter the Zone – Alexander E. Hooke and Heather L. Rivera
  First Dimension: Facing the Zone
1. Lost in time – Elizabeth Rard
2. Where Is the wilight Zone? – Frank Scalambrino
3.The Short-Sightedness of Henry Bemis – Alan Pichanick
4. Faces from Another Dimension – Alexander E. Hooke
  Second Dimension: Beyond the Boundaries of You and Me
5. True Love or Artificial Love? – harles Klayman
6. In a Mirror Is Our Image – John V. Karavitis
7. Loss of Memory, Loss of Me? – Chris Lay
8. What Are You Hearing? – Reba A. Wissner
9. Machines Who Care – Dennis M. Weiss
  Third Dimension: That Wondrous Land Called Truth
10. Memories Are Made of This – Clara Nisley
11. The Truth about Lying – Don Fallis
  Fourth Dimension: Our Twisted Imaginings
15. The Twist and Turns of Second Chances – John V. Karavitis
16. The Pleasure of the Twist – Sthephen Scales
  The Dimension that Can’t Be Named or Numbered
17. A Shadowland Called the Twilight Zone – Trip McCrossin
18. War Means Fighting and Fighting Includes Philosophizing – Robert S. Vuckovich
19. Looking Like Number 12 – Lary Alan Busk
20. The Totalitarian Zone – John Altmann
21. That Unnamed Zone We Call Freedom – Alexander E. Hooke
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