A Book Review:

A dark-fantasy western tale about a kid on the run with a mystic keepsake in his pocket and no clue of what he has. His journey across the desert finds him in a small town with an “injun” for a deputy and (rumor has it) an unkillable sheriff. The two take the kid in as one of their own just as an apocalyptic plot begins to stir.

I could likely pick a sentence off every other page in this book, hold it up in front of a crowd and say, “This. This right here. This is what good writing looks like.”

There were loads of absolutely fantastic descriptions of imagery and emotion that were imaginatively scripted into artistic expression. This is why I read. This is what I look for in an author. This is what I really have a hard time finding. But…no one really gives a shit about all that… Not even the majority of other writers. Everyone just wants to know about the story; the adventure. Which, of course, is entirely relevant, but not what will get you a good review from me.

But the story – the adventure – was very well crafted and engaging. There were only one or two places where I didn’t see much plot development, but they ended up being purposeful little side tales that gave the story more dimension. I had no idea I was even into westerns until I started reading this novel. I love the grittiness of the time period and it was depicted with vivid detail. The characters all felt very real to me. Admittedly, the main kid, Jim, comes off (to me) as a little corny, but he fit the time period perfectly (as far as I could tell). And at no point did I ever feel like I wasn’t immersed in the Wild Wild West. I absolutely loved the dark-fantasy imagery and the re-imagining of old concepts of creation built anew.

 A very skillfully spun story with depth beyond any average tale. Mr. Blecher just made my Top Writers list – a very short and lonely list with only one other relatively unknown author: Simon Spurrier. Welcome to the big leagues, R.S. Keep up the solid craftsmanship and I’ll keep typing your name in praise.

If you’re a student of artistic writing or just enjoy well-crafted tales of dark fantasy, give this book a gander. It only took me a page to know I wanted to read the whole thing and more. -cc