replied to your post “˜Who was she, then?’ Do you not recognize the Lady of Cankerwall,…”

It was one of my favorite bits too!

I appreciate the balanced levels of sass-saturation

The Good Doctor remains too pure for this world, too. A Cinnamon roll through and through. Why is Gardus so great.

He really is. But also Tornus (butchering spelling) I love him so much and Enyo. And the pirates and the-

Everything was so enjoyable even what I didn’t like.

Show me where Josh hurt you, friend. Was it in the feelings. 

CADOC is a cuck, he makes me seethe.

Also everyone needs to be nice to Tornus because I love him so that hurt.

And lastly I spent the entire book waiting for all my boys (and girls)to die. I braced for so much suffering that (thankfully) never happened.

Cassandora was in this one right?


Yes everybody should be nice to Tornus. God-Dad said so.

She popped in at the start, when Gardus was providing fanservice training. Enyo was the lady with us for most of this adventure

Y’all need to keep Cadoc out your damn mouths

Every team needs a Cadoc on it