624 words…



…slowly oozed out of me tonight, adding to my Blood Magik universe. I haven’t been working too regularly on Book Three (book one now available on BloodMagik.com) but, damn… It’s grown into a big story – a saga – and there’s a shit-ton of fun for me to design. Got a late start tonight, and wasn’t even sure what I was going to write; what new portion of the tale… But I managed to further the plot of my heroine’s journey and set up upcoming twists in the adventure. I love this writing shit, man… It’s so cool to get to build whole worlds and people and beyond. Looking forward do doing it for the rest of my life.  \m/ 

See, this here is pure magic. Here’s a cat who legitimately loves doing something that other people are going to love just as much. Is there anything better in the world than people feeding each other’s passions in a perfect symbiotic manner? You keep doing your thing. Send me a link to find it when you’re through. I can’t wait.

@yogs-haberdashery Love that you get it, man, and I appreciate the support. The passion is so much more rewarding when it can be shared. There’s a link in the post you reblogged that takes you to Book One, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell and more info on the novel on my webpage. Poke around at your leisure 🤘