z0mbi3-s0krat3s: Love this dude’s work on the …


Love this dude’s work on the White Trash Zombie novels. So dope. I really wanted to like the books so I could collect these badass covers but it just wasn’t something I could get in to. Not bad, just not for me. Maybe I’ll splurge on some prints someday and start an art collection. Gotta have money to burn to do that tho, because there are soooooo many fucking prints I’d wanna buy. I’m talking cartons of the fucking things. I’d horde them in my garage where no one else could see them. If you were lucky enough to be invited, I’d pick you up in some remote meeting place and blindfold you on the drive with soundproof headphones on and walk you though a maze set up in my backyard before allowing you entry. And once we made it inside, I’d wrap you in cellophane and poke little air-holes in it so you could breath but not much more. I mean…wouldn’t want you to sneeze on the coverings now, would I? o_o -z

art by –>  DSillustration