It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillin…

It’s official, fuckers! After a temple-drillingly painful foray of moronic cock-fungi screwing up everything imaginable, I’ve finally received the limited-to-500 Pure Art edition of my zombie/horror/fantasy novel, Blood Magik: A Cold Day In Hell (Book One).  It IS officially on my website for sale –> HERE <– for those with paypal, or you can swing on over to –> ebay <– where I also have it listed. Amazon is currently bing a stabbing pain in my gouch so this edition is not on there yet, but it will likely be cheaper on the above sites anyway (since Amazon charges me more to sell it). You CAN visit Amazon or Barnes& to get a look inside” and read the first 50 pages or so, but this exclusive edition is only available through me and is the true First Print, First Edition (since the other one is Print On Demand). I won’t go into too much detail about the book here since I’ll undoubtedly be posting about the damn thing repeatedly over the next few months, but I will say this: My novel was crafted to be dark, funny, fun, and action packed. It’s basically a homage to everything I love in entertainment, including hockey and the gratuitous use of the F-bomb. This novel is the start of a contemporary horror/fantasy saga that will inevitably transform the world outside your door into a gory realm filled with demons, beasts, a Devil Queen, the undead-aplenty, and more. Don’t snooze on getting your signed copy of this collector’s edition. And, as always, thanks for being a part of my blog. 

GET BIT!!! -z 

Zombie Obama approves this post. \m/