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One of the defining traits of the zombie hero in my horror/fantasy novels (yeah, he’s a good guy. deal with it. =P) is his green radiance (as opposed to the brutal scarlet glow of his less-than civilized counterparts). This art reminds me of the rebellious strength in him; the power to contradict that of the Demon Queen’s and her ravenous hordes. Book One, Blood Magik: A Cold Day in Hell, should be available for horror and zombie fans everywhere on amazon as well as discounted on ebay or my website, BloodMagik.COM, within 2 months. I’m hoping to put out a Pure Art Edition first that will be available only through me. It will have the art work designed for the novel only, without a title or barcode or the “like us on facebook” marketing bullshit that clutters up the work and turns art to literary whoring. It will be more expensive than the regular edition you’d get on Amazon, but not by much (because I’m overcharging for it on Amazon so to encourage people to buy from me instead of them) and very limited (probably to 500 copies). Follow along and get notifications from this blog to be sure you get a shot a grabbing the collector’s piece before it’s gone. I’m not 100% sure I’ll be able to do it, but about 80%. I’m all about the art and I want a novel to reflect that. Keep them peepers peeled, peeps. You’re gonna dig this. \m/ -z/cm/cc 

Zombie Plagueby dekades8

Wow…think I wrote this like a fucking year ago and I still haven’t gotten my books…but they’re on their way! Yassssss! And I should have 500 copies of my Pure Art edition ready for your clammy little mittens this week, zomaniacs. Keep perusing my spot for updates to get your exclusive, limited copy of my self-published, modern day horror fantasy. If you’re curious about the book, shoot on over to Amazon or B&N and search for it to get a “look inside”. -z